“A story that began with trust, commitment and a great vision for the future”

“A story that began with trust, commitment and a great vision for the future”

“We are not just another B-2-B online marketplace or network, but a community of
accredited professionals that work together as a family!”

ADAM Global is the world’s leading platform for multidisciplinary professional business services including networks. Our members are accredited in their own markets and are made up of Lawyers, Accountants, and Specialist Consultants. Our network has the capability through our members to competently deliver comprehensive professional services to individuals, small and medium organization and large corporates. Our members can be engaged to deliver comprehensive advice on most complex, multi-jurisdictional matters at a very competitive cost.

Currently, we have a global reach through our network in over 200 location in 68 countries with more than 4500 professionals, all having an accumulative client portfolio of over 100,000 individuals and businesses

AG member firms of expert Advisors, Accountants, Lawyers, and Financial Analysts enable clients across the globe to enhance their enterprise value and operate their business structures, finance vehicles and investment in various geographical locations with a peace of mind.

AG has strong connections with both governmental and non-governmental entities. It is the only platform which includes networks within its offering for an even greater level of exposure and business opportunity for all those joining the platform.

Our Mission

Cross Border Business From A Single Platform

To facilitate Cross Border Business/transaction with a single point of contact by equally empowering Clients and Members with access to information and diversified expertise through an innovative and personalized approach.

Our Vision

Connecting The World of Business To Its Future!

“Inspire the future of Business by being a Leading Global Gateway to International Business and Multidisciplinary professional services.

How our Clients Benefit

Global Reach with Local Expertise

With operations around the world delivering comprehensive business solutions, we are the global experts who understand local markets. To support and facilitate global ventures of our clients, our dedicated specialists are strategically positioned around the world to take care of all cross border business matters and assist clients to expand and establish their businesses seamlessly where ever they choose to, avoiding any potential pitfalls.

Find an Expert - anytime, anywhere!

With integrating technological trends yet with a personalized touch, the network progresses on a daily basis to become more future ready and adaptable. This makes it just easy for clients to receive efficient service delivery with a click of a button. Find out more about our ADAM Online Office!

One Stop Shop Support for your business

Offices of each Adam Global network firms have access to competent teams of Expert Management Consultants, Qualified Business Consultants, Chartered Accountants and Licensed Attorneys. They enable clients to enhance their enterprise value and operate their business structures efficiently. Adam Global can find strategic partners for your business to source materials or sell your products with complete peace of mind all over the world.

By Becoming part of our network you gain access to endless opportunities and benefits to grow your business

  • Globalization & Synergy
  • ADAM Deal Market
  • Market Exclusivity
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Training & Development
  • Referrals
  • Member Newsletter
  • Internal Staff Exchange
  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Marketing & Promotions
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Intranet

Want to be part of an exciting journey to the future of professional services?