Our Network


The leadership is driven by the visionary Chairman of ADAM Global

Dr. Tahir Akhtar.


Executive Team

The executive Team is comprised of the Board of Directors and the Core Team that is dedicated in taking care of the entire operation and functioning of the network from Network Coordination to Members Service Management.


Advisory Council

The Goal of the Advisory Council is;

  • To advise clients and third parties on the features of particular public or private projects before they are implemented, to assure their full feasibility and compatibility with the applicable legal, social and political requirements of the host country
  • To propose and draft specific legislation to be applied by developing countries in areas of their particular interest; and
  • The Council members can serve as Arbitrators in litigation and out of court dispute resolution cases.
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Practice Heads

Practice Heads are elected for each discipline the network provides in order to standardize and promote best practices within that discipline. They also advocate benchmarking tools for quality assurance & governance while discussing specific business practices with both clients and members.

Their role of a practice Head can be simply described by the 3 Cs

Communication - to communicate with members within the group

Coordination - to coordinate across all groups and cross border cases

Client - To give unparallel and highly qualitative services to all clients

Regional Heads

Each region of the world is served by a set of Regional Heads which are nominated and elected as Presidents and respective Vice Presidents with a responsibility to support new members in that region. Their roles also include to proactively contribute thought leadership and ways that helps achieving the objectives and mission of the network

Member Firms

Every member of the network is an independent member firm specialized in either one of the network’s core disciplines or offer a range of One-Stop Shop Services to clients.

Dr. Tahir Akhtar is a “Doctorpreneur” of more than 20 year standing. By profession, he is a Senior Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine and a Senior Manager in a NHS University Hospital in England. By passion, he is an entrepreneur, founder and board member of many international businesses. He is an invited speaker in international business conferences and forums. Home Secretary of Her Majesty’s Government appointed him a “Member of Independent Monitoring Board” in London. He is ‘Member of East of England Clinical Senate Assembly’ that provides expert advice and guidance to make best decisions about healthcare provisions to population. Dr. Akhtar is the founding chairman of Adam Global a worldwide Multidisciplinary network with presence in 65 countries, 150 offices and more than 3,500 professional. Adam Consulting, he started from scratch, won Top 50 Company in Dubai. He is the chairman of CEO Club UK and the founding Board member of CEO Clubs Network Worldwide and serves as a member on the international advisory board of The African Leadership Magazine. He received ‘Business Leadership Award’ during 3rd Middle East Business leaders Summit, An excellence award by the Pakistan Engineering Council and Pride of Performance Award for outstanding service in global business in Los Angeles. He was bestowed Prestigious Fellowship of Hult Business School in recognition of his contributions as an international business leader. He completed his Chartered Director’s course at the Institute of Directors in London. He enjoys teaching innovation and entrepreneurship to MBA Students as faculty at Hult Business School. He is a recognised Management Consultant specialising in innovation and change management. He has served as a Judge on Bill Clinton Foundation global Innovation Prize. Dr. Akhtar has been recognised internationally for his passion to help people and was awarded ‘Honorary member of World League’ in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan by Dr. J. Nazaralieve and ‘The Distinguished Friend of Africa’ by Africa Leadership Magazine in Nigeria. He is honoured by the President of The Republic of Namibia for services to promote international relationships.