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Regional & Annual Meetings. Meetings organised to promote Networking between members, learn from experts on trending regional and international topics, engage local communities and businesses, build/improve practice

Dissemination of Information, market assessment, opportunities and support offerings. AG Webinars are designed to offer platform to members to share with the audience within and outside the network

Access some of the brightest minds within the group to understand business and work towards its development

A frims gets part of the wesbite database where it is searchible by other members and visitors to the site

A monthly feature to enable members to share information and news about their firms to our members and their respective clients

Access to Systems, Processes and Standards

The ability to use ADAM Global Branding on the marketing collaterals. A Guideline is provided

Video Communication Tool that allows members to offer a secure virtual office environment for client and member communications

ADAM Global works with various partners to promote AG Members and its offerings and similarly offer wider support service to the AG Members by partnering with firms that add to the development of AG and its members

As Network of Networks, AG Continously works wth other networks in a specific sphere to widen the reach of its members

AG Invests in continuous development of its members and offers them training on the best ways to make the most of their membership with ADAM Global. To increase its visibility and credibility in the network

Firms are given the opportunity to communicate with other firms within the nework and share clients/referral and offer access to support and information

Firms have access to the AG Digital Platform called ADAM Interact as a tool to communicate with members, analyse performance, share referrals and deals, share resources, offer/receive mentorship, access practice development groups and find guidelines to enhancing practice quality and standards

Deals that are beyond the scope of an individual firm and offers business revenue by connecting requirements

Ability to vote the General Assembly of the AG

Member have the ability to take leadership roles to improve their visibility and to take charge of development of the respective practice, region or territory

Designed to promote best practices and business developmentin a specific practice. It also is tasked to improve the quality and standards of each firm within the specialised group. It carries a separate due dilligence process

Specialised Marketing Campaigns are managed to promote the service offerings of the members within and outside and the network

Ability to integrate services and systems and processes with the AG Network firms

AG offers support to members to develop their business and does so by working with the AG Business Development Team

Specific member advertising within all AG communication channels