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Posted By: Mohsin Ali | 07 Mar 2016

Networking and Behavior Styles

First impression is everything and it is completely unfair that people form opinions while they are walking up to them.   According to Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov, it takes only one-tenth of a second to create an impression about someone, and whether they would like to be associated to them or refer to – that is less than a blink of an eye. Therefore, one’s behavioral style greatly affects his/her chances of being referred.

Won’t it be nice to know whom one is getting up to, judge his or her style and then adapt one’s to match and suit others. Early philosophers identified that there are four distinct behavioral styles which was further picked up by Dr William Marston in 1920s to bring about DISC Assessment. The assessment allows to identify personal style, identify other people’s style within the network and to adapt to others.

Networking and Behavior Styles

Characteristics of the four behaviors:

1.    The Go-Getters – These people are result orientated and are very fast paced. Such people portray confidence, have firm hand shake, maintain eye contact and tend to be on the move. Go-Getters are attributed to take decisions fast based on the bottom-line factors. Go-Getters do not like to get in to details as they believe that it is a waste if their time. Individuals with go getter behavior would network with the aim to get business and ideal for referring and connecting people together. Go-Getters do not work well with Nurturers which will be explained in a bit later.

2.    Promoters – Promoters are all about fun and being positive. Promoters, as the term denotes, are all about supporting and promoting someone or something. Such individuals though fast paced are very people orientated and believe in building relationships. It is easy to identify a promoter in a networking through his or her choice of loud color attire, jolly style of interaction and their positivity. Business is not necessarily their key reason for attending a social or a networking event – it is more about building stronger relations with others attending the event. Promoters don’t work well with examiners as they believe that Promoters are not a serious party to work with.

3.    Nurturers – Patient, nice and comforting are the terms associated with Nurturers. Nurturers are slow paced, but very people centric. In a networking event you would find them in the corners and/or smaller groups and/or people that they already know or have acquaintance with to deepen their relation with them. Nurturers have the ability to welcome and comfort people, and are concerned with people’s feelings. Nurturers find Go-Getters too aggressive and tend not to interact much with them.

4.    Examiners – Examiners tend to analyze and inspect, and like details. May be slow paced, but they are task orientated. Not the most social of kind, you would find that examiners like to sit behind the desk like your auditors, assessors, etc. Their purpose of attending a networking is to meet pre-selected individuals and then leave. Since they are reserved and task orientated, examiners find promoters as a waste of time and believe they are invading their personal space.

Identifying a person beforehand allows one to modify and adapt to the facing person allowing for a more confortable interaction.

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