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Posted By: Marcus V. Buschmann | 13 Apr 2016

Why Brazil? The great time to investors

newsletter-mar2016-02_11Despite some bad news about the country nowadays, a great movement and test are happening.

Brazil had its first left-wing government in 2002 and since then left wing is governing. However, many corruption scandals are upcoming and taking the news. Join this with the economic problems and many investors are afraid to entry in the country.

We are having a bad moment: the combination of a political crisis with an economic crisis.

What outsiders don’t know is although all political scandals, Institutions are being tested and becoming stronger, showing in the World that Brazil is the Democratic Republic under the empire of the law. Regarding the economy, this is not the first crises and Brazil defeated many crises before. This is not the worst moment for investors, but an opportunity.

As Warren Buffet said “You try to be greedy when others are fearful. And you try to be fearful when others are greedy”

Therefore, after a great devaluation of the Brazilian Real (from 2,20 to almost 4,00 against 1 dollar) and a bad economic scenario, Brazil is very attractive to investors of all kinds and who seek a mid /long term.

With 200 million people, plenty of agriculture land (is possible to produce 4 crops a year!), raw materials of all kinds, one of the greatest reserve of potable water and a great potential for energy production, Brazil certainly is a place to be.

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