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Posted By: Jaya Tahalramani | 24 Feb 2017

Enterprising Haven: Tax Free PocketBook Setups


                        UMM AL QUWAIN FREE ZONE


UMM AL QUWAIN free trade zone is supreme locality for Micro business, its located just 45 min away from Dubai International Airport. UMM AL QUWAIN is the Productive, Amiable, and Innovative Emirates with in the UAE.


  1. UMM ALQUWAIN is ideal place for Small Medium entrepreneurs and mergers to do business in a safe and accurately in free trade zone trading environment.
  2. It is one of the efficient place to expand the business in attractive way and to invest in the region.
  3. 100% foreign market ownership
  4. 0% Corporate and personal tax
  5. No restriction on investment
  6. Connected with the trading partners of Middle East, Africa and Asia.
  7. No exchange control

Services what we provide to set up UMM ALQUWAIN FREE TRADE ZONE:

  1. Assistance in procuring Approval.
  2. Commencing approval of the activities.
  3. Our professional services make the registration and licensing process quick and easy.

Time Line:

The whole process in company formation can take 2-3 working days.


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