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Posted By: Anoop Cheerathodi | 25 Feb 2017

Securing a UAE Residence Visa

Looking for UAE Residency Visa?

If you’re looking to get a UAE residency visa without having to be sponsored by an employer

UAE residence visa

Register your own company in Dubai

If you are looking for UAE residence visa, this will enable you to become eligible for both residency and work permits. A company registered in Dubai grants you the right to apply for residency in the UAE. Not just for you but also for employees, if necessary. This is a very convenient and efficient way to obtain a UAE business visa. Getting a visa only takes a few weeks and the expenses incurred are relatively low.

Your business becomes your sponsor. However, remember that you have many options while setting up a company. Easiest and low cost option would be to open a Free zone company, where you can retain 100% ownership. You can even open a mainland company, where you will need to have a local partner, i.e, a UAE citizen, to avail this option.

The added advantage is that it is not necessary for your company to perform a real business activity to secure UAE residency status. The time needed for an application, company registration and obtaining of residency status is approximately one month or slightly longer and the residency visa issued is for a period of two or three years according to the legal form of your company.

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