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Posted By: Jaya Tahalramani | 28 Feb 2017

International Business Company SET UP within UAE

Offshore Companies are mostly used by investors and entities for the purpose of International Trading, holding property, invoicing international clients, and asset protection. It is also used to hold shares in another firm locally and internationally. There are 3 jurisdictions such as RAKICC in RAS AL KHAIMAH and JAFZA in DUBAI (Jebel Ali Free Zone Authority). You can Hold Property & shares within UAE by JAFZA Offshore.



Benefits of UAE International Business Companies 

Some exclusive benefits of offshore:
Ø 100 percent foreign ownership
Ø Autonomy to repatriate capital and income in totality
Ø No import duties
Ø No personal income tax
Ø No currency restrictions
Ø No bureaucratic red-tape
Ø No staff recruitment problems
Ø Quick and accessible communication
Ø Low operating costs

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