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Posted By: Milan Ragas | 01 May 2017

Investing in Slovakia

Slovakia is a landlocked country; it is surrounded by other European nations on all sides. In the west it borders with Austria and the Czech Republic, in the north it is bordered by Poland, in the east by Ukraine and in the south, it shares its borders with Hungary. Slovakia is also a member of the United Nations, WTO, OCED, NATO and other prestigious International organizations.

Slovakia, as one of the fastest growing markets in the world, offers the investors a unique combination of reasons to invest in the country.

Reasons why invest in Slovakia:

  • Country credit ratings: A2 (Moody), A+ (S&P), A+ (Fitch),
  • Political and economic stability,
  • Favorable geographic location with great export potential,
  • Fastest growing Eurozone member within the last 10 years (CAGR),
  • High adaptability of the labor force to different management styles,
  • Official currency EURO as one of the few countries in CEE,
  • Large selection of industrial land & offices,
  • Steadily growing infrastructure network,
  • Attractive investment incentives,
  • Plenty of highly qualified and technically skilled laborers,
  • Internet coverage: 99%.

The areas which are worth of investments are the automotive industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, finance, information technologies, heavy industry, transport and logistics, telecommunications, real estate, forestry, engineering industry, wholesale and retail.

The attractiveness of Slovak investment environment is proven by the constantly rising number of foreign investors and by the volume of foreign direct investments in the country.

The incentives are provided in the form of:

  • a subsidy for the acquisition of material assets and immaterial assets,
  • an income tax relief,
  • a contribution for the new jobs created,
  • transfer of immovable property or exchange of immovable property at a price lower than the general asset value.


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