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Posted By: Advaita Sharma | 27 Jun 2017

Highlight On Europe Regional Web Conference held successfully

Highlight On Europe Regional Web Conference held successfully

Date: Monday, 19th June 2017
1:30pm (Dubai time), Adam Global Team organized the first European Web Meeting to connect registered member with each other for the purpose of networking, which will lead to business referrals from one firm to another. The tools to achieve this objective is support, training, and referral. The Web Meeting was hosted from Dubai and had over 10 participating countries.


The meeting was initiated by a short round of introduction of each participating members followed by an educational training session by the President of the Adam Global Network for Europe Region-Andreas Hadjimitsis. Mr. Hadjimitsis emphasized that building trust and relationship is very important for any network members and that members should utilize the network resources by more interactive and frequent communications.

The meeting highlighted an exclusive business presentation delivered by the CEO and Founder of INCO Business Group, Netherlands Dennis Vermeulen.

The web Conference concluded by exchanging a note of thanks on behalf of the Adam Global Team to their high performing member firm from Netherlands highlighting over 400 referrals that were passed in the last month.

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