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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 30 Aug 2017

VAT ready in UAE? How a decision now can make all the difference

Wednesday, 30th August 2017, ADAM GLOBAL DUBAI TEAM has welcomed the CEO of Sybiz Michael Corner for an insight on the VAT compliant software which many businesses are looking forward to implement.

With VAT being new to UAE, it is not just the challenge for many businesses, both start ups and established, to ensure that their books are VAT compliant but also to make sure that they don’t get penalized for not doing so. The VAT registration is announced to be on the 15th September and a VAT compliant software makes it just easier for everyone to adhere to the VAT rules.

Michael Corner, who is originally from Australia, carries a rich Accounting background of over 20 years and with having seen the transition of GST in Australia, he definitely commits to making the procedure not only compliant but raises awareness on the subject itself which apparently is new to many.

” The implementation of a software for medium and large corporates can take actually anything from 2 to 4 months” Corner says,” and this is the time when you just need to make the right decision to have a system in place that complies with the VAT law!”

ADAM GLOBAL as a corporate service provider and Business Advisory and Business Setup firm,  is looking forward in creating mutual synergy to complement clients to become VAT ready.

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