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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 16 Sep 2017

How a One Billion Dollar-Brand defines the Future of Global Business

ADAM Global Annual Members Meeting held successfully at the 5 Star St. George Lycabettus Hotel in Athens, Greece from the 8th-10th September

Sunday,September 10th , 2017 concluded a Top Class Conference with only the most elite picked speakers and members from the ADAM Global network(AG)hosted by the Greece member firm EGNA LAW and sponsored by RAKEZ. Every year since its inception, the largest global multi-disciplinary network gathers all its member firms from around the globe to discuss important issues, defining growth strategies for the members and most importantly release official announcements of the newly elected Regional Heads comprising of  Presidents & Vice Presidents  as well as the Advisory Council. Also to mention are the  6 key areas of Business Sector in Litigation, Corporate Services, Accounting, Tax, Immigration and Advisory that are represented by Practice Heads , who are appointed every year.


During the Conference which was chaired by the visionary Chairman of ADAM GLOBAL and Founder of the CEO Club UK Chapter Dr. Tahir Akhtar , Strategic Partners as well as Members like Panos Monopoulos from Stanton Chase & Director International Affairs AG,  Andreas Hadjimitsis (President Europe, AG & MD of ANH Consultancy Cyprus) Jamil Ahmed (Vice President Europe from Bloomsbury Law UK),Andre Reboh (Vice President Europe) and Lutfi Talib as well as Richard Moir (Advisory Council Members AG) have actively contributed as Key Note Speakers discussing the network’s fast-paced expansion plans and milestones achieved in less than 2 years. 

CEO Club as a Strategic Partner

The Founder and CEO  of ” The CEO CLUBs NETWORK” (A strategic partner of ADAM Global) Dr. Tariq Nizami has specifically emphasized how much value ADAM Global has been contributing to the 16,000 Corporate members of the network. The network hosts over 40 events in a year and with the launch of the CEO CLUB UK Chapter under the patronage of Dr. Tahir Akhtar (Chairman ADAM Global) , members of the AG network can benefit even more by presenting high level discussions  such as regional investment opportunities. It is noteworthy to mention that the upcoming Burj CEO Awards ( a trademark of the CEO Club) are this time held in October 2017 in the Queen’s city of London at the House of Lords marking the presence of TOP notch elites, Ministers and VVIPs.

The One Billion $ Brand Defining the Future of Trans-Border Global Business

The ADAM Global network which calls itself proudly now the 1 Billion $ Brand is spearheading towards an uncontested market space thus making all market competition irrelevant and seeks continuous rigorous growth in leaving its mark in every financially viable city in the world.

The Annual event took place over a period of 3 days from the 8th September to the 10th September at the Cretaceous limestone hill in Athens, Greece at 300 meters above sea level in the St. George Lycabettus Hotel (Lycabettus Hill) The first day marked the arrival of all participants and member firms at St. George Rooftop for the pre-Conference Dinner which was arranged to facilitate networking and ice-breaking  for the members. Prior to the dinner , New member firms such as Leslie-Ann from Antigua and Barbuda and Ed Rogers from North America had the fabulous opportunity to get a featured interview on ADAM Global’s Youtube Channel called “Spotlight”The Main-Conference was organized on the 9th September at St. George Lycabettus and was a full day event starting in the early hours of the morning until 05.00 pm.




Appointments of Regional Presidents, Vice Presidents and Practise Heads

The Highlight of the conference included the appointments of new Regional Presidents, Vice Presidents and Practice Heads  as well as profound members on the advisory council.

More on the appointments can be found on the following  link;


Brand New, Exclusive & Innovative Technology benefits for AG Members-AG Magic Tools!

With  the introduction of the ADAM GLOBAL brand new technology features during the Annual Conference“ The Deal Finder and “ Live Video Consultation Facility” AG network is standing out as one of its kind network offering its members more than just another technology feature or networking tool. As Members Service Manager Laura Mackley calls them the “ Magic Tools” she guides members on the use of these two exclusive features. With its vision of facilitating cross border business,it could not get better for clients to reach out to AG’s network of Accountants, Lawyers and Business Consultants with the click of a button and that from the comfort of their homes. With the Video Consultation ,ADAM Global has made it possible- but that should not be enough , as the participating members during the annual Conference are driven crazy that it is a “ on-the-go” feature and requires no installation of  softwares and applications since it is directly accessible via the ADAM Global homepage. Whether the client is sitting in a remote area or in the tallest towers, as long as they (the clients) have access to an internet or data connection it is as simple as “abc”. Yes , you are reading it right- the feature consumes very little data thus being compatible to be used on any smart phone device. Members can now virtually connect to their clients through a pre-set appointment calendar as found on

When it comes to the second magic tool “ The Deal Finder” –this tool is a website integrated within the ADAM Global website containing 1000s of international tenders , search directories and much more.It is a revolution in helping business to position themselves globally. To discover the amazing features the Deal Finder has to offer, simply visit


Exclusive benefits to ADAM GLOBAL Network through the partnership of ADAM GLOBAL with Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone as a Super Agent.

Noteworthy to mention is that the entire event has been organized in association with Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone (RAKEZ) who was the Platinum Sponsor. Not only is the association of AG and RAKEZ limited as a Sponsor but has already rooted to be a more visionary strategic partnership by the appointment of ADAM GLOBAL as a “RAKEZ Super Agent” meaning thereby that exclusive benefits are being awarded to ADAM Global for its International Client base via its member firms.

Members are now proactively looking out to make full use of the benefits of RAKEZ via the ADAM Global Network  thus promoting the  Economic Zone. RAKEZ Channel Partners Manager Jaafar Borhan has attended the event on behalf of the officials of RAKEZ. His anticipations on behalf of RAKEZ are high as the benchmark set for this  event has not only promised the promotion of RAKEZ through the ADAM Global Network but redefined the association as a Super Agent to establish a dedicated  office within the ADAM Global Head Office in Dubai. More on the association will be released soon.


Exploring the historic city of ATHENS

Last but not the least, the network emphasizes on not being just called the ADAM Global Network but the ADAM Global Family.  Therefore, being the host, EGNA Law firm, Greece (A member firm of AG) which is represented by Efthymious Nevradis and Demi Felouka,  took the participants through an astounding and breath taking city tour through the beautiful and historic city of Athens. With mesmerizing sight seeing , the team had a walk and a great group photo session at the well renowned historic Acropolis. The tour concluded with the team arriving in  the shadow of the Acropolis and its ancient temples, hillside Plaka . It has a village feel, with narrow cobblestone streets lined with tiny shops selling jewelry, clothes and local ceramics. Sidewalk cafes and family-run tavernas stay open until late. With traditional music, dance and dinner the team enjoyed the rest of the evening experiencing authentic Greek culture and cuisine.

Breakfast Meeting Day 3-Presidents & Practice Heads to Steer the Reigns to Global Expansion 

Day 3 of the Annual Meeting was marked with an interactive Meeting over the Breakfast table with the Chairman ADAM Global and the Patron of the ADAM Global Leadership Team Dr. Tahir Akhtar . Moreover the Advisory and Leadership Committee has decided to have proactive participation of all the newly elected Presidents and their respective Vice Presidents as well as the Practice Heads through internal ADAM Global  online groups . Where the Practice Heads  will be discussing key issues and development in their respective key areas , the Regional Presidents under the patronage of the visionary Chairman ADAM Global Dr. Tahir Akhtar will be controlling the thought leadership process by brainstorming viable ideas and maintaining a quality focus on what the network has and can offer.

Where is the future heading to?- Becoming the next BIG 5

Adam Global is the largest multidisciplinary professional network of Lawyers, Accountants and Business advisors in the world. Adam Global member offices are independent firms, regulated by professional bodies in their jurisdiction. With such a powerful network ADAM Global is now heading towards building international alliances with other Business and professional Networks, International Business Associations and Publications thus forming a unique global network and has entered the market to being the next big 5 in the matter of a few years on finger count.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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