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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 02 Oct 2017

Need Help To Sponsor a Maid Or Nanny in Dubai -Mum-Preneurs Shout Out


Read how Sandra manages and creates a great balance between professional and parenting life




Sandra was so worried when baby Andrew had entered this beautiful world. She was worried on how she would manage the transition to life as a working mom. Andrew wasn’t yet sleeping through the night, and she still hadn’t ironed out the kinks in her childcare arrangements.

But the extreme stress and logistical problems were literally nothing compared to the anguish of leaving her son. “I cried the entire first day back at work,” admits Sandra, a Marketing Manager in Dubai.

Like Sandra, many new moms returning to work from a maternity leave feel torn between their seemingly conflicting roles. They value their professional accomplishments and the income it brings — but they are tormented by the prospect of leaving their precious baby who is still so tiny and needy. “I started looking for a daycare center three weeks into my maternity leave,” says Sandra,  “I liked the place we decided to use, but it was still hard to leave him. I knew no one could take care of Andrew as well as I could.”

It was then until a late afternoon, that my phone rang and almost a desperate voice on the other side says, Hi Ashwin, I need your help asap. One of my colleague referred me and said that you have helped him in getting him the Maid’s Visa processed. It is just too much of paperwork and running around for the past 3 months and I am still not able to get the visa of the babysitter for my little Andrew!” Well , since it was not my first time and I exactly knew what to do I just arranged a meeting with her, calmed her down, got the documents for processing and followed the necessary procedures required. Within 10 Days of applying Sandra calls me back and beaming with joy ,” Ashwin, You are our life saviour, our Nanny’s Visa got stamped and she is coming in on Monday to take care of little Andrew!” It was a Thursday noon when she called me!

Like Sandra there are other Woman-preneurs and families who constantly struggle to keep a harmonious balance between managing house chores, family and work. 



Juggling Work and Motherhood

Based on my experience so far, outsourcing your house cleaning and babysitting is a way to manage your time more efficiently and it can be affordable, even for those on a tight budget.

Whether you’re busy with a family and career, or just want some help around the house, getting a little help is not only practical, it be a lifesaver. You seriously need to consider hiring a nanny or domestic helper asap if;

  1. You Work Full Time
  2. You Have a Busy Family Life
  3. You Don’t Like Cleaning
  4. You Have Elderly Family
  5. You Have a New Baby


Tired worker mother wearing suit sleeping beside her sleepy daughter on a bed at home

Wouldn’t it be great to have an extra set of hands helping you out with household chores, preparing meals and caring for the little one?

Families residing in Dubai, UAE and having a residence visa can sponsor a maid or nanny. Especially with my many clients who are either stressed out working mothers requiring  always seeking out for that extra help 


There are criteria and restrictions that apply.

A. Minimum salary requirement for the sponsor must be AED 9,000 per month or AED 7,000 per month if accommodation is supplied by the company.

B. Bachelors are not eligible to sponsor a maid.

C. Single mothers with children or those who don’t have a husband in the UAE might be able to sponsor a maid or nanny

D. The maid must be a national of one of these countries: India, Indonesia, Philippines, Ethiopia, Nepal and Sri-Lanka. It is possible that nannies/ Maids of other nationalities can be employed in the UAE but the process of obtaining a visa for them is not clear.

E. Refundable deposit: The embassy of your maid’s home country may also require a refundable security deposit of around AED 3,000 to AED 10,000. This may vary based on her nationality and the embassy rules prevailing at the time.



Arranging maid sponsorship is a simple procedure 

A domestic helper do the household chores in Dubai. June 22,2013 Photo by Ahmad Ardity

First an entry permit / employment visa will be required for the maid to enter Dubai. Then you need to apply for a residence visa for the maid. The DNRD will issue a residence visa, labour card and labour contract for the maid.

Documents Required for Residence Visa: Colour Passport Copy of Maid (valid for six months)

  1. Current visa copy of the Maid (Tourist or cancelled visa)
  2. Passport size photograph (white background)
  3. Sponsor’s Passport & Visa page copy
  4. Original Emirates ID of the Sponsor
  5. Sponsor’s wife Passport & Visa page copy
  6. Original Labor Contract of Sponsor
  7. Salary certificate of sponsor in Arabic (for government employee) OR, labour contract of sponsor (for private employee)
  8. Accommodation contract showing minimum 2 bedroom apartment with Ejari attestation
  9. Original Electricity and Water Bill (DEWA) in the name of applicant or spouse.
  10. Original Marriage Certificate of Sponsor – Attested by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  11. Affidavit from embassy/consulate certifying non-relationship, if maid from same country


Now as seamlessly it may seem, it requires a real professional who can run for you getting all the approval and paperwork . That is just another plus factor for working professional and women and many of my clients just need the shortest time out .


So if you have read this article than I am sure you already are considering to have that extra pair of helping hands. I would suggest give me a call and I am happy to arrange a meeting to minimize the effort and hassle required to get that Helper working in your house in a matter of few days.


For a free consultation contact me:

Ashwin Chandrashekar

Mobile: +971543297867


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