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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 05 Oct 2017

Why Outsourcing your PRO Services in UAE can Help your business be more profitable!

Is Outsourcing Annual PRO services the solution to increasing profits for your company?

All year round, companies deal with government agencies for renewals of their licenses, hiring and termination of employee visas. The processes are often lengthy and your administrative department’s time is better spent in activities that are related to your core business. Transferring over the big load of liaising with the government, has actually helped a lot of SME Business Owners to fully focus on what is more important in the business.

It allows you to move away from the archaic system where a Managing Director would be required to be present to apply for a staff visa. ADAM Global handles all your Corporate PRO Services in Dubai, so you may focus on your core business.

Normally, a professional team of PRO will assist you with all types of pre-employment and post-employment requirements concerning the Ministry of Labor and Immigration Department. They can also advise you on best practices and guidance for you to have smooth and hassle-free process.

We offer a wholesome expat life to investors, employees and tourists.

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With ADAM’S corporate PRO packages, you can reduce the running costs of your company’s admin & PRO department.

Hiring efficient, knowledgeable and specialized personnel well versed with the UAE Immigration and Labor laws do not come cheap and cost a fortune. This will not only increase the payroll burden but also becomes mandatory to file residence visa, Insurance which comes at a cost. Over a period of time the company or employers will experience financial hardship to maintain an efficient in-house PRO department. Outsourcing PRO Services helps the company or employer eliminate the costs associated with hiring and retaining in-house department.

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Customized Solution for PRO Services with ADAM


Corporate PRO Services and Document Clearance

(Monthly Retainer and Per Transaction)

Our PRO Services are set to accommodate companies of varying sizes in Dubai. Based on the scope of work, we can offer the PRO Services either on Monthly Retainer or Case To Case basis.

Our wide range of PRO Services includes:

  1. Employment Visa Application (Outside & Inside)
  2. Renewal of Employment Visa
  3. Cancellation of Employment Visa (Outside & Inside)
  4. Basic Medical Insurance cost
  5. Licensing Requirements
  6. Amendments in the License
  7. Renewal of corporate entities
  8. Certificate Attestation & Documents Clearing
  9. Domestic Worker Visa, Renewal & Cancellation (Housemaid, Nanny, Driver etc.)
  10. Dependent Visa Application, Renewal & Cancellation (Outside & Inside)
  11. Processing documents from Dubai Municipality and Chamber of Commerce
  12. Processing documents in the Immigration, Labor, and other government departments


Documents required to initiate the process

1 Color Passport copy of the applicant with stamp page (valid up to six months)
2 Profession and salary details (i.e. Offer Letter)
3 Degree certificate copy – Attested by UAE Embassy in country of origin and foreign affair office in UAE. (Required for Specific Job Titles)
4 8 Passport size photographs on white back ground
5 Valid Health Insurance document of the employee
6 Original E Signature card of the authorized signatory
7 Trade license copy of the company
8 Immigration/Establishment card copy of the company
9 Online portal details of the Company with the device
10 Labor Establishment Card Copy of the company
11 Tenancy contract and EJARI copy of the company
12 Location map of the company
13 Latest DEWA bill of the company
14 Personal Information of Applicant such as address in home country, phone number in home country.



1 Valid Trade License
2 Labor Card is open
3 Valid Immigration / Establishment card
4 Company is WPS compliant
5 E-quota is available for the applicant
6 Applicant does not have a labor ban
7 Applicant does not have an immigration ban or black listed by immigration department


Why Outsource PRO Services to ADAM Global?

Expertise & Experience

We are a leading business advisory firm, established in 2002, delivering International Business Solutions and a wide range of comprehensive corporate services. With over a decade of providing PRO services in UAE, our specialists have gained in-depth knowledge and experience in handling visa services for investors, employees, and family.


ADAM Global guarantees a substantial reduction in cost of your documents processing and clearing. Moreover, it will enable you to devote your time to your company’s core goals such as productivity and profits. We provide you with timely reports and document clearing on stipulated time frames which improves workflow within the organization.


Centralized point of contact for all services


ADAM GLOBAL has a computerized database system that reminds clients of all renewal dates for licenses, visas and registrations which helps in avoiding heavy fines and penalties


Document processing is hassle-free because we pick up documents needed from your office and delivers it to you right after clearing from government offices.


With ADAM GLOBAL, you are always up-to-date with all latest government rules and regulations


ADAM GLOBAL will give you a detailed breakdown and receipts of all government charges
Ready to put more efforts, our team is willing to go an extra mile so that your organization meets the best solution. We have experienced professionals who have worked in a diverse range of industries and corporates. We thoroughly understand the requirements of government bodies and departments and adhere to the formalities of document processing.

Simply put, signing a PRO Contract with us means an immense saving of money and man hours which means increased profits for you! Our Corporate PRO Packages in Dubai offer complete solutions for your company, where we take over and handle all government-related requirements.

For any assistance and further information, please feel free to contact Mr. Ashwin Chandrashekar at +971543297867 or write to to know more about pricing for our different PRO services.


About the author

Ashwin Chandrashekar is a specialist in processing, renewing & cancelling all types of visas including Maid Visa, Family or Dependent Visa, Employment Visa Dubai, Ladies work permit and has hands-on experience in dealing with government authorities during every stage of the process. His other expertise are Company Formation including Dubai Mainland or LLC Company, Free Zone Company setup in UAE & Offshore Company formation dubai, De-registration or Liquidation of Company, VAT Registration & VAT Filing Services.”