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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 04 Feb 2018

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth.”- From The CEO's Desk



Rewinding time is only possible in fictional movies. However, every new year resolution is a chance to rewind, analyze, project forward and try something new; improve on our past and find ways to make our future bright. While each new year offers a plethora of opportunities, each with a promise to brighten our future, prudence demands reflection on past experiences before the plunge.

Twenty seventeen was a milestone year for Adam Global. Most goals set in the beginning of the year were achieved by the dedication of its members and management team. We expanded our network to induct 45 new members to ADAM Global with the addition of some key jurisdictions like France, USA, Singapore, China, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. This year’s target is set to add 25 offices in the US alone. We are in advance negotiations with firms in Germany, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Russia to be our members.

We successfully conducted 2 ADAM Global Meetings last year with a regional meeting of Asia Members in Delhi, India in March and the annual event (for all members) in Athens, Greece in September. This was in addition to various digital conferences throughout the year. For 2018 we have planed 3 regional meetings starting with Europe in February, Asia, and Africa in March and Americas in April, and the annual event will be in October 2018 in Dubai, UAE. We look forward to seeing you all there.

“The professional ‘Nets’ will be our kitemark that will define and implement highest standards expected of international professional firms.”

To promote standards and add quality to the practices we have created ‘ADAM Law Net’ for our Law Firms spearheaded and managed by Mr. Jamil Ahmud, Vice President Europe. ‘ADAM Account Net’ for our Accounting Firms is being organized by a committee of Accountant members lead by Mr. Andreas Hadjimitsis, President Europe. Adam Global is synonymous with quality. These professional ‘Nets’ will be our kitemark that will define and implement highest standards expected of international professional firms.

ADAM Global brand awareness and worldwide presence have been enhanced in 2017 by our marketing campaigns in Cyprus, UAE, United States of America, Netherlands, England, India, Latvia, Greece, Spain, France, and Italy. This year we are focusing on similar campaigns in Asia Pacific Region and Latin Americas. Our regional members are fully engaged in achieving this goal.

“Client’s laptop or handheld smart device screen becomes your office, open 24/7.”

It’s our commitment to members that we will adapt and deploy cutting-edge technology to improve communication with members and clients. ‘ADAM Digital Office’ is one such technology implemented and available to all Adam Global Members. This is a breakthrough technology in the consulting world that allows clients to access professionals globally, with a click of a button. Client’s laptop or handheld smart device screen becomes your office, open 24/7.

“Quality remains the theme for 2018.”

Adam Global website has been completely redesigned with advanced technological features to enhance user experience. This year we will launch a web responsive app to make management of deal flow and communications effortless.

Quality remains the theme for 2018. There will be further development of Adam Global practice centers to highlight the wisdom of key experts eluding most other networks. We have strengthened our regional headquarters in Dubai with 6 strong teams to serve our members. the team will further enhance brand awareness, business development and member interactions in 2018. London headquarter is now fully established, based in Bloomsbury Law office, courtesy of our European Vice President Mr. Jamil Ahmud. We are encouraged by approaches from other members to house regional headquarters in their premises.

I am grateful to all our members, particularly those who have given me the honor to call them friends. We have perhaps the best brains in the whole of the professional arena in the world. We now have the opportunity to channel those expertise, experience, and wisdom to take on global projects. Let’s create business opportunities that we all can be proud of.

Thank you and wish all members a great and prosperous 2018.

“Your network is your net worth.”

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