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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 12 Feb 2018

The Story of Inspiration, Self Sacrifice & Vision- From a Soldier to a Group CEO



Group-CEO ADAM Holdings “Khalid Mahmood Akhtar”

(Mentor For Inspirational C-level Success)

I calculate coveted success and create a futuristic outcome with a realistic approach. Passion, Passion & Passion is what drives me.
With a start into a career as a military Officer 35 Years backs, I have become more prepared to make difficult decisions during periods of industry distress. Duty, dedication, and self-sacrifice are the values that I definitely abide by. That has led me to increased yet calculated risk-taking and remaining in control under intense situations. After all, I was not completely estranged when I entered the corporate world where discipline, principles and clear goals are always exquisitely defined. I strongly associate the passion of every-day challenges as my strongest characteristics. My entire motto relies on that CEOs do not just control and rule but lead by example.
“Passion, Passion & Passion is what drives me.”
I had always been inspired by a visionary corporate celebrity, a famous UK based entrepreneur who started ADAM back in the 90s and who happens to be my brother-Dr. Tahir Akhtar. I have remained under his great mentorship and guidance which has enabled me to envisage organizational performance factors crucial for business growth and leadership.
The rich years, both served in the army and in the corporate world, have given me an early opportunity to acquire hands-on leadership experience that cannot be found in the corporate world or at similarly early stages in people’s careers. Through the numerous ventures & my personal start-up experiences acquired, I have administrated the growth of a single office organization to one of the World’s largest network in just a matter of 15 years, is my biggest success factor. I have multiplied growth through effective use of minimal resources. Our Organization Primarily facilitates and helps Entrepreneurs, established businesses enterprises to enter new Markets, expand and grow.
We provide a globally holistic one window solution on a wide array of multi-disciplinary services including but not limited to Corporate Advisory, Law, Immigration, Taxation, Consulting, HR and much more.

CEO Club has empowered us as an organization to create an unbreakable synergy helping to achieve new heights”

I also widely contribute my personal success as a CEO to the CEO Clubs and its Founder Dr. Tariq Nizami. Not only did I get to meet other CEOs but also learn different perspectives, challenges and brainstorming solutions and ideas – many of which have shaped the way I think today. Unlike other Business ClubsCEO Club has empowered us as an organization to create an unbreakable synergy helping us to achieve new heights. It is a platform where not only we reap the benefits of doing business but also create meaningful relationships. It is all about not just thinking outside but acting outside the box!
“I Endeavour To Create Value-Centric & Passion-Driven Organizations”
Over the years, I have gathered first-hand experiences learning and observing from others. Some of the most powerful lessons I deliver now is on how to work as part of a team; organizational skills, such as planning and effective use of resources; good communication skills; defining a goal and motivating others to follow it; a highly developed sense of ethics; and calmness under pressure.
My Key Strengths and Achievements:
  • Administrative Compliance
  • Organizational Performance & Thought Leadership
  • Honorary Speaker at various Diplomatic Events
  • Created one of the happiest and well-balanced equations between work and personal life 
My Latest Ideas:
-Creating a unique approach to increased organizational performance integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI)
-Creating a single window of Resource sharing platform to enhance and boost trans-border business with high-end user experience.
“I believe that every new day is a new chance, a new opportunityto create a positive difference”
 With waking up every morning before dawn-break, and especially with a tough military routine, I have transformed from doing it habitually to actually experiencing the smallest of blessings around. I believe that every new day is a new chance, a new opportunity to create a positive difference. The most important elements of my transformational journey have been adapting to mental mobility, resilience, self-belief, and gratitude while sacrificing my ego & my rigidness. This is what defines success for me! 


About the author

Jessica is a German Dubai Based Professional currently working as the Head of Marketing & PR (ADAM) She is also a Personal Brand Management Coach & Consultant Being the Founder of the Business Arena Powered by ADAM Global she facilitates the empowerment of entrepreneurs through knowledge sharing through Workshops, interactive Discussion Forums, and Digital broadcast series. She strongly believes in Women Empowerment and Gender Equality at the Workplace and has been appointed as the Chief Ambassador & Spokes Person of ADAM Women Empowerment Forum as a signatory for the United Nations WEPs She can be reached on