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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 12 May 2018

The Client Comes First


Centre Générald’ExpertisesComptablesSàrl (C.G.E.) is an Accounting and Tax Firm based in Strassen. We profile the company as we explore the services that it offers and what helps to make it so successful.


G.E Sàrl has almost 25 years of experience in Luxembourg through its co-founder Willem Van Cauter. The team at C.G.E boast a wealth of knowledge, and work hard to deliver consistent and exemplary results through a well-structured procedure. Any service offered by the team benefits from an analytical function through its manager, as they exercise the profession of Auditor in a distinct structure.

Essentially, the aim of the company is to match and exceed client expectations, gaining their trust through a young closely-knit, dynamic, experienced team, which is attentive to clients and bound to professional secrecy.

Well-renowned and highly qualified, C.G.E. Sàrl is a Member of the Ordre des Experts Comptables (Institute of Chartered Accountants). Furthermore, the company is acting as a full-service provider to assist companies in the complete life-time of their existence, right through from incorporation to liquidation.

Being a well-rounded, versatile and adaptable company, the team provides business services in the fields of compliance, domiciliation and hosting of companies, legal services and lastly accounting services.

Regarding its services in terms of compliance, the team aim to be open and honest with clients, looking to gain an understanding of what they want, and coming up with a strategy of how to get there. Being active in 21th century, compliance and transparency are key words for the acceptance and maintaining client’s relations. Special programs are designed to satisfy local and international legal requirements, and the department is operated by a knowledgeable person who is rigorously trained and has the necessary qualifications.

Company: Centre Générald’ExpertisesComptablesSàrl Contact: Willem Van Cauter Address: 45, Route d’Arlon, L-8009, Strassen, Luxembourg Phone: 00352 26 25 76 1 Website:


The skillset the team hold in terms of domiciliation and hosting of companies helps the firm to mark itself out as the one of the best possible options for clients. Domiciliation of companies is legally restricted by Luxembourg law, however C.G.E. Sàrl has the necessary qualification to do so. The firm is working closely with a separate legal entity which provides individual business-units for start-up companies. Both entities are situated in the same premises.

Within the company, the legal services team is headed up by a former lawyer at the bar of Luxembourg. The manager is in constant relation with notary, official instances, and legal services providers. He is responsible for the drafting of bylaws, reorganisation acts, contracts covering all activities of the companies, and ultimately, has final engagements as well on social services.

Dedicated to providing an unrivalled service, C.G.E Sàrl’s accounting department is brimming with expertise and knowledge, with many of the team boasting a skillset which is hard to find elsewhere in the region.

At C.G.E Sàrl, the accounting department performs the accounting of commercial companies, financial investment companies and family wealth management companies, fulfilling the administrative and tax formalities required by Luxembourg legislation.

All accounting entries are organised through the company’s BOB 50 accounting software, which is updated with the new Standardised Accounting Plan (SAP), which has been applied since the 2011 annual accounts.

Furthermore, the accountant assists the company in closing its accounts and organises, along with its client with a view to optimisation, its actual economic situation. From the accounting entry and/or the finalised review, the accountant responsible for the file draws up the balance sheet, the profit and loss account and the related disclosure information, as well as the filing of all financial statements to public entities. Accounting services can also include drafting financial statements on the basis of IFRS standards.

Crucial to the success and longevity of any firm is the way it handles its taxes, and the team at C.G.E Sàrl are extremely happy to help in this regard. Taxes are one of the most vital elements in company life and the firm’s tax services cover personal tax as well corporate tax. The company is ahead in assisting clients in international tax planning as well as local agreements with tax administration.


Another aspect of the company’s impressive success is its social services offerings, including all aspects of the relations between the employer and employee. Delivering great customer service is a factor in enticing many clients to the firm. This area of the firm’s expertise includes contract drafting, work permit demand, salary pay calculation, salary accounting entries and vacation regulation.

Encompassing all of the firm’s services, the team’s general services can include in an unlimited way; the valuation of companies, due diligence auditory services, commercial research work, as well as an analysis of governmental disposition.

The office is very proud to have been selected for the ‘Leading Accounting and Tax Advisor of the year’ in Luxembourg, and feel it is simply the coronation of company’s philosophy ‘Clients first – Problem solving.’ This is to be regarded a major achievement for the office and the entire staff, as they have gone through years of scarifying to go for the ultimate goal ‘Problem solving’.

A sign of the company’s outstanding success is that it has detected two opportunities which will see it further establish itself as a leader in the region, including fraud detection in which Mr. Willem Van Cauter obtained an executive Master Degree with “magna cum laude” in 2017. It is obvious that in a highly centralised IT-world in Luxembourg, fraud detection and prevention will be of most importance.

Additionally, with Islamic Finance, recently the company has opened a department ‘Islamic Accounting and Finance’ with qualified staff as to respond to Luxembourg fast growing and very important place in the Islamic Financial World. The development of the Islamic Finance Desk is impressive, with a qualified leader having an Executive Master in Islamic Finance from the University of Louvain (Belgium). Further, other staff members are following the MBA courses at the University of Strasbourg (law department) and other persons skilled in Arabic language and writing are staffing the department.

In relation to the Islamic Finance sector, the company has overseen the incorporation of the Management company and further the Luxembourg Law of 2014 regarding the Securitisation vehicle; as well as the Agreements of the Domiciliation and Management Company.

Other extensive aspects of the company’s success include the preparation and update of the legal requirements in connection with the Law of 10th August 1915 on Commercial Companies in Luxembourg; and the Minutes of the Meeting of the Board of Directors/Managers; and finally, the Minutes of the General Meeting of Ordinary/Extraordinary, along with many more.

Ultimately, C.G.E Sàrl serves a large variety of clients, mostly international based companies. The future is developing main strengths and exploring the international world, and the team is convinced of its added value in the Luxembourg world.


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