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Posted By: agha khan | 20 May 2018

5 Tips For Entrepreneurs & New Business Startups

Basic Guidelines To Make Your Entrepreneurial Journey Easy For Your New Business Start Up


Entrepreneurs tend to see each chance to push the boundaries and see new things concerning each themselves and also the industries they care deeply concerning.
They’re glorious problem-solvers, they take a look at their recognized limits, they cross boundaries, and that they sail towards chartless waters. This propensity for risk-taking stems from the entrepreneur’s inclined perception that usually equates risk with chance.

However, that very same disposition habitually takex`n risks conjointly makes them seemingly to form mistakes.

 Indeed, the world’s most recognizable entrepreneurs sometimes have had as several failures as successes over the course of their careers.

In a new business start up, some failures and mistakes are minor and may be corrected on the fly. However some, especially those who concern money, can simply burn the house down. It is a massive reason why the overwhelming majority of startups and new businesses fail throughout their 1st few years of operation. An income that suddenly dries up, an enormous surprising expense or a quickly accumulating quantity of debt have all had been far-famed to bring even the foremost promising new businesses to their knees.


1) Not Having Separate Business and private Accounts. 

There’s no road on this issue. even though you are placing out on your own as a solopreneur or freelancer, you cannot afford to chop corners on keeping your finances separate.
Ignore the decision of convenience and commit yourself to making separate savings, checking and Credit Card accounts for your new business before you start aggregation revenue from paying customers. Doing this right at the start can create it a lot of easier to try and do the accounting for your business, set up for quarterly tax estimates and take into account unpredictable months that will lie ahead.
Most significantly, separating your business and private accounts promotes a really completely different psychological means of puzzling over however your new business factors into your life. Each dollar your business earns should not go on to you if you are finance in growing your company and building a stronger future for yourself.

Having separate accounts can facilitate keep you from blurring those lines


2) Immediately Making huge Purchases for the Business.

When you begin a brand new business, it’s graspable to need all the most effective new laptops; a flashy web site, fashionable workplace, best-in-class computer code and extremely gifted workers to assist grow the corporate.

However, if you’re itchy to create major purchases (even if they want investments) close to the start of your business, think over those selections and not to quickly. Some expenses like building an internet site or attending associate degree trade fair are going to be necessary relying upon the kind of business you are beginning, however you would like to raise yourself a question if the expense going to assist you generate a lot of revenue within the short-run or not?

Other expenses such as luxurious parties, team-building visits, and such  that are not essential to the expansion of your company, supply little worth to your bottom line.

If you can’t afford a paid subscription to a well-liked CRM platform, choose a free or less costly one. Make out with the absolute minimum. If hiring regular workers is out of reach, search for gifted freelancers on platforms like LinkedIn, ProFinder, Fiver or Upwork.

Initially, only focus on the growth of your business. Differentiate between “Nice-to-Have” and  “Must Have”.


3) Incurring debt With the Expectation of Future Revenue.

Because credit cards are therefore convenient to use, several new business owners fail to examine that they are blending their expenses and acquisition interest charges each time they use they leverage their credit line and do not pay off the total balance monthly.

Many specialists take into account irresponsible Credit Card use as the worst money mistake entrepreneurs create. If you’re searching for convenience, use a revolving credit instead.


4) Not Setting a transparent allowance for  Your New Business.

Even in worst case scenario, you will be able to run your business while not having a transparent budget for the longer term, however you will have an awfully laborious time succeeding while not even roughly knowing what you can and  can’t afford to pay on every month.

5) Learn the art to Master Your cash Matters for your new business start up

It is way easy to lose cash than it’s to earn it.

While one bad call will cause a new business to fail, you may be able avoid these mistakes by giving additional attention to the small print of your personal and business income throughout the year.

Plan your budget, track your expenses, except emergencies, keep the lines between business and private clear, and perpetually think about expenses in terms of however they will generate future revenue for the corporate.


As it is said , those who fail to plan are planning to fail, the above tips will come handy for any new business start up planning to start their business.

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