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Posted By: agha khan | 21 May 2018

ADAM Global Dubai Hosts Luxurious Grand Iftar Party On Yacht For Entire Team!


On May 19th 2018, ADAM Global Dubai and CEO Clubs Network arranged a unique iftar experience for their entire team with a grandiose iftar feast on a luxury yacht. The team enjoyed the unique and breathtaking views of Dubai under the beautiful glow of the setting sun. The team got together to celebrate the festivity and spirit of the holy month of Ramadan by the mesmerizing view of towering buildings and the gleaming white yachts lining the Dubai Marina. Everyone marveled at the majesty of the iconic Burj Al Arab, the world’s most luxurious hotel. And as the team cruised around the incredible man-made Palm Island, they embraced the beauty of the mythical Lost City with touches of the elegant Arabian vibe at the sight of Atlantis, The Palm. The entire tour lasted from 6pm to 9pm.

Group CEO of ADAM Holdings, Mr. Khalid Mahmood Akhtar specifically mentioned,” It is my deepest wish to provide our team an unforgettable and unique experience at every available opportunity. We do it every now and than but this year I wanted to go a step beyond to ensure that every team member of the organization gets to have this luxury experience as a family.”

A grand iftar like this is arranged to share the blessings of food with the nearest and dearest people in life . That is why we are the ADAM Family!

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