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Posted By: agha khan | 22 May 2018

How To Grow More Referrals For Your Business With ADAM


Expand Your Business referrals  with ADAM

We have consolidated for you some useful proven tips that will help you leverage optimum result with the ADAM Global Network


#1  Your Network Is Your Net Worth! Network Proactively To Build Your Social Capital.

A strong network like ADAM Global is like money in the bank. Your network can help you build visibility, connect you with influencers, and open up doors for new opportunities. Building and nurturing a network is one of the most powerful things you can do to support your business.

Networking proactively provides an advantage by supporting you with a powerful collection of people who are willing and able to speak for you on an ongoing basis. The network is there for you when you need it because you’ve built the social capital.

Networking also includes staying connected. Make sure you are!


#2  Real Partnerships Are Where The Referrals Go In Both Directions, Not Just One.

The golden rule in developing referral business from others is they need business just like you. They need referrals to quality prospects, just like you do.

The ‘secret’ the top executives have discovered when getting referrals from other companies is to forget about ‘referral sources’ and develop referral partnerships—real partnerships where the referrals go in both directions, not jut one.

The AG Platform is a unique network that allows you to interact with businesses all around the globe and find trusted partners to do business with.


#3  Distribute Your Content And Resource Among Members To Get More Referrals.

According to a study, the average client or customer now engages with more than 10 pieces of content before making a decision. This means that before your existing clients closed into customers, they weren’t being shy about eating up all of those resources you’ve worked hard to put out.

This places a profound emphasis on the importance of strategically distributing that content to ensure that it lands in the hands of qualified prospects. And considering your potential customers are already with your fellow members adding an easy referral ‘Share This With Your Clients’ of the ADAM Global Network you could easily distribute your content via the resources the AG platform offers that could help you achieve just that.

Making it this easy for fellow members to pass along your resources to their qualified connections before they even close will help you stay one step ahead of the game at all times.


#4  Get Clear On How Each Of You Want To Be Introduced To Ideal Prospects.

Never assume a Referral Partner or Member knows how you like to be connected with your new prospects. You definitely want more than just word of mouth. You want to be introduced in some way.


#5  It Is Not Satisfaction But Engagement That Drives Business Referrals.

Satisfaction is a huge factor in referrals.  According to ADAM Global’s Customer Happiness Experience advisors with the happiest clients had one trait in common: Consistent levels of communication and engagement with their clients.


#6 Word Of Mouth Is One Of The Most Powerful Ways To Propel Referrals For Your Business.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to propel referrals for your business. However, it’s largely dependent on loyalty, which means that this is something you really have to earn.

If you want to get your clients (or potential clients) raving about your service, you have to dazzle them.


#7  Don’t Get Bogged Down In  Your Own Industry Groups. STEP OUT, CONNECT & ENGAGE.

Looking to get more referrals for your business?

Seek groups that bring together an array of industries and perspectives. Many times they are your clients and prospective client events. The big message is to get out from behind your desk. You should be your own brand ambassador because no one is more passionate about your business than you are.


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