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Posted By: Jessica Augustin | 29 Jul 2018

SRTIP keen on becoming leading research and innovation hub in the UAE


AUSE initiative continues to build on innovative culture and connects boundless minds


The Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP), an initiative of the American University of Sharjah Enterprises (AUSE), has expressed its commitment towards positioning itself as a premier research and innovation hub in the UAE. SRTIP continues extensively in its efforts to attract and host knowledge-intensive businesses. The first phase of the AUSE initiative is expected to be completed by the end of the year and will be able to initially accommodate 200 companies. The park is set to attract companies with interests in

  • water technology
  • renewable energy
  • environmental technology
  • digitization
  • production design and architecture, plus
  • transport and logistics

Government mandate

The establishment of SRTIP, complete with its aims and objectives, falls in line with the UAE government’s mandate to be No. 1 across the world. The park is poised to meet this challenge through the optimal utilization of research, technology and development as a key enabler to compete on a global level. SRTIP’s establishment also complements the country’s thrust towards innovation and research.

Setting up shop at SRTIP

One of the key drivers that have attracted potential investors to the park is its affiliation to and proximity with University City, which gives SRTIP a competitive edge. The connection with University City demonstrates the park’s uniqueness–with no other science park in the country that has access to state-of-the-art, modern and advanced facilities and technologies that a leading global university has to offer. Targeting local and global companies, including private-public sector ventures, SRTIP plans to offer office space, scientific laboratories and residential accommodations


Relationship of SRTIP and ADAM Global

ADAM Global and STRIP, under the mandate of the recently signed MoU, have committed to extensively promote the objectives of SRTIP through ADAM Global’s network. Members are invited to share their opinions and ideas on facilitating such objectives in their respective jurisdiction via ADAM Global.


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