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What has 2016 got in store for us

We are just a few days away from stepping in the New Year and while most of us are constructing plans for the coming year, this is the perfect time to evaluate the year that has just ended. 2015 saw some optimistic changes in the global economy, and this was wholly reflected in a wonderful year for ADAM Global and its partners. This year we witnessed expansion of our global footprint to all the continents of the world (except Antarctica, of course). Many of our global partners interacted with each other to deliver services to their clients across continents and generated cumulative revenue of over GBP 250,000.

This year, we conducted our first global exhibition in UK with the aim of promoting ADAM and introducing our partners to business opportunities in London. Our partners from Brazil, Bahrain and Hungary were also present for the 2 day event – more information on the event is available on page2 of this newsletter. Plan for the Year 2016

2016 is going to be a year of consolidation and relationship building, with exercises focused to increase communication/ interactions between partners. ADAM Global will roll-out its intranet for all the partners by March 2016. The intranet will allow partners to share deals, referrals and necessary information for everyone to review and make use of it, when required.

In 2016, ADAM Global will conduct regional meetings with the aim to develop regional synergies and educational platforms. More details of this will be shared with everyone in the coming months.

Furthermore, we will have more visits to our international offices this year, with the idea of understanding their businesses in detail and proposing strategies to bring them into international limelightIn the meantime I wish you all a happy festive season and a promise to connect again in the next year!

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Mohsin Ali

CEO, ADAM Global