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ADAM Global Convention in Obidos made known the potential of the region to foreign investors

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Official Gazette of Caldas - 08/12/2016 - Economic Activity

ADAM Global Convention in Obidos made known the potential of the region to foreign investors.

ADAM Global International Consultant, expert in international business and exports, held its annual meeting in Obidos, Portugal. The 50 partners involved led to possible business references in real estate, hospitality and products such as fruit, wines and personal interest in acquiring properties in the region, Gazette of Caldas President, Dr. Tahir Akhtar said.

At this meeting various Portuguese economic agents, as well as representatives of municipalities of Obidos and Bombarral, had the opportunity to make presentations to about 50 members of the partnership to expose the potential of the region and country and for the foreign investment funding, whether for the internationalization of existing products. For Dr. Tahir Akhtar, president of Adam Holdings, the group that owns Adam Global, these presentations have identified business opportunities in real estate, information technology and other services "that may result in future contacts in the region of Obidos and the country".

The businessman said that there are talks on hotel projects and others in the field of new technologies. Moreover, one of the entities that had the opportunity to showcase at the event was the Obidos Technology Park. In this field, Dr. Akhtar said that partnership projects can be initiated with Indian companies in the sector. "Many of our partners are from India and we feel that is the first time that Portuguese companies are interacting with Indian companies, which is very interesting." he said.

What also attracted the interest of ADAM Global consultants were the wines of the region "Some partners exchanged views with producers because the quality and the price are excellent. There is an opportunity to export these wines and there are possibilities also with fruit and other products", he said. The President of ADAM Global group devalues the financial problems that Portugal has gone through as a deterrent to foreign investment. "Not only in Portugal, many countries have problems," he said. He added that the consultant does not look at the problems, but for the opportunities. "In every problem there is always an opportunity and it is to these that we are looking at," he stressed.

Dr. Akhtar said that these contacts are just the beginning of a relationship with the country and the region. There is a delegation of ADAM Global in Portugal, coordinated by Ana Rodrigues, who is regional president for Africa, with offices in Sintra and Luanda. Starting this link may establish a structure to give local support. In addition to the professional interest, Dr. Akhtar said that several members of the ADAM Global showed personal interest in acquiring properties in the region due to the weather and prices which are "very reasonable."

ADAM Global operates in international business solutions with operations in more than 100 countries on all continents.


The workshop was attended by the chairman of AICEP (Agency for Investment and External Commerce in Portugal), Miguel Garcia, and the representative of the Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ANPME) in Africa, Fernando Silva, and the Assessor's Office Assistant Secretary of State and the economy, Helga Matos.

Miguel Garcia told the Gazette of Caldas the importance of using these opportunities to put Portugal and its products towards people of different nationalities within a network of contacts and information exchange. "You have to show the competitive advantages of Portugal while destination for investment because it creates jobs. Usually companies that not only focus on the local market are the main exporters. " he said.

The chairman of AICEP said that the interlocutors felt a positive surprise, because there are "many more opportunities than they would be waiting for" and added that it is the Portuguese authorities "to pursue this interest and create common ground."

Fernando Silva, representative of ANPME in the African market, said that Portuguese companies are "a target for foreign investors" and are able to help entrepreneurs with the Portugal 2020 program that allows them to project its business tools, for example, the countries of CPLP.

Fernando Silva emphasized that Portugal is well organized in networking in the external level, but there is a lack of knowledge of these means, which can benefit both the large and small companies.

The Secretary of State's Advisory declined to testify.

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