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ADAM Global Intranet (Update)

ADAM Global launched its portal for partners to interact and communicate on the 10th of February, 2016. We have added the user guide on the portal to allow users to use it effectively. If any partner would like us to send them a copy by mail, please write to us at IT@ADAMGLOBAL.COM.

The portal is aimed to improve communication between partners, share deals while keeping users up to date with the happenings within the network. The portal is cloud based and can be accessed by the following the link

The portal is exclusive and a privileged right for the members of ADAM Global only. Some of the features of the new intranet are:

1. Pass and track referrals to and from other offices 2. Contact and search other ADAM Global Members 3. Communication and personal messaging other members 4. Adding and submitting content for the newsletter 5. Adding/Editing and submitting content for the webpage 6. Rate a Peer Partner 7. View of Global and Local Deals 8. Monitor and Review of your annual activity.

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