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Adam Global’s Legal Council

Adam Global has established a Legal Advisory Council of expert legal professionals, nominated from Adam’s worldwide managing partners.

The Advisory Council will reporting to the Board of Directors, in furtherance of what the group perceives as an internal as well as an international market need to make clients aware of quality and professionalism of Adam’s lawyers, accountants and consultants.

Meet the Council members

Council members are elected based on international merits and accredited experience. Héctor Rodríguez Molnar has been appointed as the first Chair of the Council for a period of two years. Héctor Rodríguez Molnar regularly advises international companies on corporate and environmental matters and conducts both areas of practice in parallel. He is currently the Manager of the Legal Practice of the Madrid office. In his 30 years long practice as a corporate lawyer, Héctor has acted as outside counsel for clients in key areas such as the automobile industry, telecommunications (with regard to activities of both suppliers and operators), pharmaceutical business (mainly from the regulatory and environmental sides), waste treatment and disposal and energy (oil exploration and production).

Other Council members are Juan Botella Reyna and Michele Carrelli Palombi.

Juan Botella Reyna has been acting as counsel in Patents & Trademarks for more than 25 years. He has a Degree in Law and Economics by the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas, ICADE – Madrid. He is also a graduate in Cooperative Sciences by the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and a member of the Madrid Bar Association. Juan is the Managing Partner of ADAM Global Spain Office, a firm devoted exclusively to IP Law, Patents and Trademarks since 1921.

Carrelli Palombi is holder of an LL.D. Degree from Rome University (1991) and an LL.M. (Masters) Degree from King’s College London (1995). Following a more general international background gained within first rank International law-firms and multinational companies, in EU corporate, M&A and PPP, Michele Carrelli Palombi has been coordinating the one-stop-shop law-firm he co-founded 11 years ago focusing in creating opportunities for Italian and foreign energy players, to invest and venture Gas Electricity and Renewable projects in Italy and abroad.

Key objectives of the Council

Three main goals of the Legal Council are:

  • To advise on the features of particular public or private projects even before they are implemented, to assure their full compatibility with the applicable legal, social and political requirements.
  • To propose and draft specific legislation to be applied by developing countries
  • The Council members can serve as Arbitrators in litigation cases.

To facilitate work of the Council, a Secretariat has been created in the Dubai headquarters to which all petitions, enquiries and comments can be addressed. The Secretariat is responsible for relaying and coordinating all communications with the Council.

The Secretariat can be contacted via e-mail and contact person is Ashraf Rehman on phone +971 4341 9701.

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