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ADAM’s Brazilian office appointed to prepare importation guide

Buschmann & Associates, ADAM Global’s partner in Brazil, has been appointed by the Poland Embassy in Brazil to prepare a guide to assist Europeans with their imports in Brazil. Currently European Union represents 21 percent of all imports to Brazil and is the highest, followed by China (15 per cent) and United States (15 per cent). Argentina comes in fourth representing 7 per cent of the total imports to Brazil.

ADAM’s Brazilian office appointed to prepare importation guide

Brazil main imports are: raw material and intermediate products (45 percent of the total imports), capital goods (22 percent), fuels and lubricants (16 percent), durable consumer goods (10 percent) and food products (3 percent). [source:] The guide aims to assist the exporters from European Union understand the import tariffs, existing and future infrastructure, acceptable products standards and legal framework in Brazil. This stands as a great achievement for the office in Brazil and is set to be a land mark for future guides. For more about the guide please contact

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