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APAC Members Meeting 2017 – Report Summary

APAC Members Meeting

APAC Members Meeting 2017 – Report Summary

Regional Members Meeting Asia-Pacific which was held on 24th – 25th March 2017 had gathered many of ADAM Global’s members and partners from all over the globe.

ADAM Global’s members and partnersThe APAC meeting in New Delhi kicked off on 24th of March, with the warm breakfast networking conducted in the breakfast hall at Hotel Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar with everyone who came for ADAM Global’s APAC conference, followed by the registration that was happening for the members and non-member visitors.

First and foremost, Mr Advaita Sharma, Global Manager at ADAM Global, gave opening remarks by an introduction to all the attendees. Followed by that, few moments were spent where all the attendees introduced themselves and their firms, with their services.

Next, Mr Ahmed Roshdy and Mr Advaita Sharma gave a speech about ADAM Global network. The important discussion went on where they highlighted the effectivity of the global network and how it is leveraged by current members for the three pillars – support, training and referrals.ADAM Global - Mr Ankit Jain

Then shortly, the presentations began.

The first presentation -  Regional Strategy and Way Forward was delivered by our Regional Vice President, ADAM Global - Mr Ankit Jain (Managing Partner at AJSH & Co.) along with the brief introductory speech by Chairman of Advisory Board Mr Vimlesh Chaurasia (Managing Partner at Risiko Consulting LLP) on the same.


Training session by Mr. Andreas Hadjimitsis – Our Cyprus office member firm’s partner spoke about network benefits and importance of being active in network in order to receive referrals. “First the registered members should try to help others, so that the other members are interested to help in return”, sild Andreas. It is crucial to spend the time to cultivate relationships that will be fruitful down the road and members should not wait for business to rain by itself but proactively network to please the Gods of rain.

APAC Members Meeting 2017

APAC Members Meeting 2017

APAC Members Meeting 2017

Next, was the War Room Discussions which were conducted by the Member Services Team, at ADAM Global - Mr Advaita Sharma and Mr Ahmed Roshdy. Delegates from all the similar disciplines were gathered on one round table to discuss the current trends in their industry and how can referral be effectively passed. The objective of this was to collaboratively understand each other and how can effective referrals be passed. Disciplines were categorised as Audit/ Accounting, Legal, Citizenship by Investments, and Corporate Services disciplines. This was one of the most powerful tools for networking where similar business interests were shared at one table each.

APAC Members Meeting 2017

After this, the external speaker Mr Sumant Batra, Managing Partner of Kesar Dass & Associates who spoke and gave his thoughts on Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law in India. An insolvency lawyer of international repute, social commentator, thought leader and creative innovator, Mr Batra has been a senior international consultant to IMF, World Bank Group, OECD and other development institutions. For more information, his website link is

APAC Members Meeting 2017

APAC Members Meeting 2017 Followed were the 2 speeches by SMC Global team on Alternate Investment Funds by Mr Abhimanyu Londhe and on NRI Investments in India by Mr Ajay Singh. SMC Global is a well- diversified financial services company in India offering its services to over 1.6 Million customer base. For more information, please visit their website


Post this, was Trophy and Certificate of Participation distribution to members and non-members by special guest Mr Ajay Garg Whole Time Director- SMC Global Securities Limited and by Mr Sumant Batra, Managing Partner of Kesar Dass & Associates. Token of appreciation to the special guest Mr Garg was given by Mr Andreas Hadjimitsis, founder and partner at ANH Auditors Consultants Cyprus and by Mr Wiilem Van Cauter, the partner at CGE Luxembourg


After a while, all the attendees were ushered for a wonderful networking lunch treat. The splendid Indian lunch was served with some international flavours added to it, which made the environment conducive for all international delegates to chat and understand each other better.


After the lunch, registered members gathered in a closed room conference to discuss referrals and feedback among each other, where important points were noted for the betterment of network for the collaborative growth of business. All this was concluded by a closing remark and special video message by ADAM Global Chairman, Dr Tahir Akhtar straight from the UK, to all the attendees.


All members retired to their places to gather again in the evening for the last networking supper with drinks that lasted for around 3 hours and ended with the dinner.




Saturday – 25th March 2017


APAC Members Meeting 2017

The very next day of the APAC Conference, breakfast meeting was held where casual conversations took place.

Further to that, all participants went for a splendid Tour to Agra – Taj Mahal. International delegates from Cyprus, Luxembourg, Egypt, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UK and India joined for a scenic drive from Delhi to Agra which was a first time experience for some to travel in India. A special tour guide was arranged for all the delegates which ensured that delegates reach quickly to the monument without being in the queue. The ivory-white marble monument on the bank of river Yamuna was built in AD 1632 by Moghul emperor, Shah Jahan in memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal.


After having an amazing experience at Taj Mahal, the guided tour also went to a local workshop where the artisans were making small structures like Tabletop, Chairs, and other souvenirs from Makrana marble (Rajasthan), similar to the one used in Taj Mahal. It is said that these artisans are from the same lineage of the artisans who built Taj Mahal. Delegates observed the art and craft and later bought some souvenir.


Sunday – 26th March 2017


Half the delegate group from Agra then started a tour to Lucknow, where some members attended a very special event to witness an Indian wedding of Mr Iftekhar Hussain, VP at ADAM Consulting Dubai office. Spicy Indian food was experienced by members who loved the authentic Indian delicacies like Chaat, Gol Gappe (Paani Puri), Butter Chicken, Kebab and ample of sweets.


Members left from Lucknow and Agra for their respective countries and cities. A wonderful and memorable conference came to an end with some fun filled time.

 APAC Members Meeting 2017



Ahmed RoshdyCo Author

Ahmed Roshdy is the Member Service Consultant at ADAM Global. Ahmed has an extensive client relationship experience for more than 6 years, in large MNCs in Egypt, Dubai, the US, Canada, UK and Europe and he was also a part of organizing committee for APAC Regional Members Conference 2017 held at New Delhi.

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Advaita Sharma

Advaita Sharma is the Manager at ADAM Global for International Member Service and Key Accounts of International clients. An MBA from SP Jain School of Global Management, Advaita has an exhaustive work experience in large MNCs like IBM in diverse countries which includes India, Australia, Singapore, Dubai and some parts of Europe and the US. Advaita is also a founder of an NPO Vayaam and has been advising several for profit and non-profit organizations for their business growth.