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ASGS becomes Featured Firm for ADAM Global

ASGS-Audit, Tax, and Financial Advisory, was established in 2010 in Cairo, Egypt, by Dr. Assem Sorour, delivering high performance accounting, financial consultations, and external audit and tax services with industry insight and valuable perspective on salient business issues.

A complete range of client financial challenges, of feasibility studies, Accounting, Audit, Forensic Audit, financial outsourcing, setting up proper internal control environment, financial reporting and analysis, budget coaching, transition, expansion, acquisitions, growth & public offerings, contraction, divestitures, or downsizing.

ASGS extensive experience in financial management in international companies, in addition to the advanced scientific and technical level, has enabled it to act on behalf of the company in restructuring, supporting and implementing transformation and expansion or contraction policies and acquisitions.

Dr. Assem Sorour, the chairman of the firm, has an exception experience and knowledge in both of accounting, audit and financial advisory and reporting as he promoted to a position of financial manager at early stages.

Dr. Asem Sorour began his career in the office of Mr. Salama Al-Saadani in 1990. He has worked in local, international and multinational companies and served as Chief Financial Officer since the 1990s. He also provided and implemented financial and accounting consultancy, cost systems, operations research and pricing, Operations and liquidation and acquisition of large and multinational companies and fields in Egypt and the Gulf area.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Ain Shams University and a Master's degree in Financial Markets (BSE) and last but not least a DBA degree in Financial Management from Ain Shams University and Westbrook University in America. He also holds professional certificates and fellowships from various Egyptian and international societies in Islamic Economics, Accounting, Auditing and Management. Financial and Tax.

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