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Best of 2016 achievements and Plan for the new year


Author: Lamia Ali Gomaa

2016 Achievements

Our office prides itself with the accomplishments of 2016, whereby:

  1. Retainer agreements were signed with two local banks to handle all matters pertinent to debt collections, labor, corporate and expertise matters, as well as litigation;
  2. Handling litigation actions, procedures and executions of over 150 cases on behalf of clients; civil, criminal, expertise, labor, family and industrial matters; and
  3. Attaining the services of a new bilingual corporate professional on board our team for shuttling between the head office in Abu Dhabi and our branch in Dubai.

2017 Perspective

We have planned further exploitation of the corporate department towards implementation of the new business development plan (2017), and hence, communications targeted:

  1. More local and international banks operating in the UAE;
  2. Industrial entities (factories) in the specialized economic zones of Abu Dhabi;
  3. Understandings and discussions are in progress currently with large suppliers of goods and foodstuff;
  4. Registration as legal service providers has been achieved with two governmental and semi-governmental entities; and
  5. Communications and understandings are in progress with businesses and law firms in the GCC and the EU.
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Author: Marcus Vinicius Buschmann

New Year's Resolution

Expand our services to accommodate our clients' needs all over the United Arab Emirates, and to exploit the best opportunities offered by ADAM Global to the benefit of our clients.

  • Achievements
  1. Elected again as Leading Lawyer and Recommended Firm by IFLR 1000 a Euromoney Publication.
  2. Established a Cooperation Agreement with Lemat Abogados – Spanish Law firm established in many Spanish cities.
  3. Work experience in Olympic Games assisting expatriates in legal issues.
  • Perspective
  1. Development business in Brazilian assets opportunities
  2. Increase the Latin America hub for Adam Global
  3. Help to develop cross-border operations between Latin America clients and partners clients from all Adam network
New Year's Resolution

Attract foreigner investment to Brazil and increase Adam Global in Latin America seeking cross-border operations and business for all Adam Network

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