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If you wish to know more information on the investors' trends, we are proudly informing you that 2015 was an extremely successful year regarding transactions in local agriculture and it is estimated that 2016 could bring along similar results seeing as more and more foreign groups of investors consider Romania to be a promising market. Alongside agricultural land investments, the retail, IT and agricultural tourism markets show increasingly higher interest for foreign investors.

 (Internal Promotions/Career Progression)

As you may know, Darie, Manea & associates law firm is a relatively small firm, so it would be we place great value on our team and we happily celebrate success together, making sure that our lawyers are constantly evolving, both career wise and at a personal level.

Stories around business development, events etc.

Romania consistently organizes business events in an attempt to promote communication between different areas of business. 2016 started with various business development events, such as Romanian Business Leaders Summit, an interactive event that aimed to analyze the means through which Romania can become a better place for entrepreneurs, with many more upcoming events, among which we mention Romania-Switzerland Investment Forum, debating topics like "The future of the economy in Romania", "Challenges and opportunities for investors,"The educational reform and fiscal systems", EY Entrepreneur Of The Year - 2016 and others.

Seeing as the legal system of our country is constantly evolving and developing, in the near future numerous conferences and events are taking place on various topics such as tax, investment, finance, banking, as well as cultural events since Romania emphasizes the promotion of art and culture.


Office’s/partner’s achievements of the month

Most recently, Darie, Manea & associates law firm has provided legal advice, including due diligence, to a group of Dutch investors, facilitating and ensuring the successful acquisition of 1,500 hectares of land in Romania.

A new and unique offering of your office changes in the law in your jurisdiction, etc.

Our team consists of lawyers who speak 4 languages (English, French, Spanish and Italian), representing young talents, expanding professionally and personally, who constantly accumulate experience by solving a large number of cases of various difficulties. Our company, although a relatively small one, recommends itself by the successful stories that offer current and future customers the confidence that their needs are our highest priority, needs, and expectations that we meet by exerting maximum effort.

From a legal standpoint, the most recent fiscal update is intended to encourage the setting up of micro-enterprises by increasing the ceiling for the taxation of micro-enterprises from EUR 65,000 to EUR 100,000. Moreover, if the micro-enterprise has no employee, the tax rate will be 3% of tax revenues, while micro-enterprises start-ups that have at least one employee and that are established for a duration exceeding 48 months, whose shareholders / associates did not hold equity in other legal entities, show a tax rate of 1% for the first 24 months from the registration.

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