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Chairman’s meeting with Jordan, Abu Dhabi, Cairo and Dubai member firms’ partners

Chairman’s meeting with Amman Office representative On a sunny day of 22nd January 2017, Chairman Dr. Tahir Akhtar met Mrs. Zina Nazha representing Nazha Law Firm, Amman, Jordan. The meeting was a fruitful discussion to know more about Jordan as a geography and how it can be taken on the upward growth path from network’s effort. Being a facilitator of Billions in Africa, Doctor Akhtar formed a clear vision about Nazha Law Firm and Mrs. Zina Nazha developed the network’s vision and mission for 2017. Nazha Law firm was founded in 1984 by advocate George Nazha who is ex-judge and legal advisor of the Ministry of Interior.










Chairman’s meeting with Cairo and Abu Dhabi Office representatives While, on a business visit to Dubai office, Chairman Dr. Tahir Akhtar met Lawyers and representative from Abu Dhabi and Cairo Office, including Ms. Lamia A. Gomaa from Abu Dhabi office. Lawyers from Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo office were discussing a complicated case of an Intellectual Property Lawsuit of a premier company referred by Dubai Office. During a brief conversation, Chairman discussed about the vision of the network in 2017.

Our Abu Dhabi Law Office is known as Majid Al Shaikh Legal Consultancy & Lawyers, and they have signed retainer agreements with two local banks to handle all matters pertinent to debt collections, labour, corporate and expertise matters, as well as litigation.

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