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Changing the future of doing business through video consulting

How the launch of a new Web-Panorama is delivering Cross Border communications with the click of a button!


Inspiring- Empowering-Leading

Technology has affected almost each and every aspect of our lives. You can notice how wired we are by merely looking around yourself. In today’s world anything you desire can be delivered to your door in a matter of days. The way we connect virtually has also proven a drastic way of business performance including video and web-conferencing.

Personal information is more accessible over the Internet as well -- you can look up everything from the various yellow pages to things in your neighborhood. You can even trade pens or file taxes with a click of the button. But as much as our personal lives have changed, the world of doing business has transformed almost beyond recognition in the past few years at a rapid speed. Technology -- and we mean the advances in communication specifically - has totally revolutionized the face and the pace of doing business.However the conventional video consulting is still thought to be done over video conference software and applications-but this time there is about to be a revolution on that.

Revolutionizing Video Consulting in a unique way

ADAM GLOBAL has built a unique digital platform in the strive of facilitating cross border communications. Unlike video conferencing downloading heavy loaded applications or software- ADAM has discovered a smarter way of providing clients the comfort of international business advisory & Consulting without the need of having to leave their home or office. The biggest challenge for any enterprise who provides international services and consultancy, is to be available instantly when the clients look out for advise with a blink of the eye.  Especially if you are interested to enter a totally new market or need to know on the legal aspect of expanding your existing establishments in an unknown region. With  the  ADAM Global video consulting tool , we are opening brand new doors to a complete range of services ensuring total comfort and reliability for the clients as well as member firms.

Cracking the Nut Through Virtual Meetings(Video Consulting) –Anytime, Anywhere!!

Although you would be able to find tons of information over the internet, would you not prefer to have an instant access to expert advice and live consultation? With this we have cracked the nut- we have changed the way we offer our clients access to international business consultation. We have moved from the orthodox way of chat facilities and the tedious process of appointments with a business consultant requiring physical presence to a virtual process. The process enables a live one 2 one video consulting with an expert globally through the ADAM’s member firm network. The process surrogates the hassle of physical meeting with a virtual one-meaning that anyone can book and receive live video consulting without the need to install any software. Moreover, it also means ease of access to facilitate business opportunities for ADAM’s member firms. It is way more different from the ordinary web conferencing or Applications used for video calling since it does not require any special installation of any software or application. It is transparent , quick and feels real.



360 degree Corporate Services All under One Roof- It’s everything your Business need!

ADAM GLOBAL is a multidisplinary platform and a provider for International Business Services, Business Advisory as well as Corporate & Accounting Services. Our clients are all Corporate, Business Owners as well as  aspiring entrepreneurs who require specialists to advise and facilitate on procedures such as Foreign Branch Setups, Company Incorporation, Business Modelling, Redomiciliation, International Business Company or offshore company setup

What makes the icing on the cake is that the video consulting is not only meant for Desktop or laptop users but is compatible over a smart phone. So, now clients can receive free consultation and advice from the ease of their desk or literally anywhere as long as they have a working internet connection.

Creating a Formula that nourishes Trust

Important to state is that it would also enable International Business Companies wishing to enter the UAE Market to have access to verified experts in the field. In a flourishing economy like that of UAE and with the EXPO 2020 around the corner , more and more  International Business Companies and in particular SMEs tend to either enter or expand into the UAE market. From the many options to look at it often becomes a concern for International Business Companies to choose a trusted advisory firm. Also , when we speak in particular about corporate trust, it is something that does not just simply happen it evolves.As they say that credibility is directly proportional to visibility. For us at ADAM GLOBAL our underlying principle revolves all around in giving that trust to all our clients by facilitating cross border communication through one local point of contact-and that Contact is established through the Live One-2-One Video Consultation via our Website.

Taking charge of the Future of Business

With our presence since 2002 with just one dream to experiencing a tremendous growth in International presence to 130 cities across the globe – we are proud to have been empowering over thousands of businesses. The ultimate goal is to make this world a better and more efficient business place and break all barriers using technology in a simplified and user friendly way. It is not about how efficient a business is performing-it is how optimized business efficiency is from the client’s perspective. Change is not changing yourself- change is all about changing the way we think in order to take charge of the future of the business.

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