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Chinese Foreign Ministry supports AG Asian Regional Meeting in Shanghai held at China’s Largest Law Firm-Hiways Law Firm

“Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is open for business with ADAM Global members”

Spectacular Asian Members Regional Meeting in Shanghai organized by ADAM Global was concluded with the support of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs via newfound synergies, regional business opportunities and collaboration of renowned African and Chinese Business Experts. The meeting was held at China’s  largest law firm, Hiways Law Firm-a member firm of AG.


Amongst noteworthy speakers were;

-Mr. Hong Yogqing  (Director of Shanghai Office of Council for promoting south-south cooperation of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs),

-Dr. Ulf Henning Richter (Assoc. Professor of Global Business & Strategy China),

-Mr. Vincent Zheng (Partner at Capital First Partners, China),

-Mr. Predictool Luo (Co-Founder & Vice President, Morning Whistle Group China)

-Dr. Steven Yu (Senior Partner Hiways Law Firm , China)

-Dr. Assem Sorour (Chairman & Managing Partner ASGS, AG Member Egypt),

-Mr. Iftekhar Husain (Assistant Vice President ADAM Global Dubai),

-Mr. Andreh Reboh (Managing Partner Jade Stone, AG Member Singapore) and

-Mr. Qui Yu (GM of Shanghai Mana Economic & Trading Investment Develop Co)

Law Firm Network - Chinese Foreign Ministry & ADAM Global

Mr. Hong Yongqing, Director of Shanghai Office of Council for promoting south-south cooperation of Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented the audience with the China One Belt Road Initiative and its implications for the world.

Mr. Hong Yongqing specifically mentioned that “Shanghai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is open for business with ADAM Global members”.  Mr. Hong Yongqing presented members the opportunity to engage in an interactive discussion forum to elaborate on the business opportunities in China.

Law Firm Network

Dr. Michael Shen and Dr. Steven Yu from Hiways Law Firm, the largest law firm in China and presently a member of AG, delivered a quite probing session on China as the global economic centre. Dr. Steven Yu (Sr. Managing Partner of Hiways Law Firm) particularly spoke about the opportunities derived from China as a service economy by 2020.

The meeting was focused on developing the region to introduce standard practices within the respective practices, introduce to new infrastructure of ADAM Global, share business opportunities, formulate a strategy for growth of respective member firms within the region, and how to leverage the collective strength to build a stronger cross-border trade between countries and regions.

Law Firm Network

The Chairman of AG, Dr. Tahir Akhar also briefed the Asian & African Members on how ADAM Global has emerged as the world’s largest network of networks from a single multi-disciplinary platform. AG is currently expanding into  collaborating with Law firm Networks as well as Accounting and other professional networks as well.

Law Firm Network

The remarkable efforts and support given by Dr. Steven Yu, to collaborate with ADAM Global and support members at a governmental and economic level were highly praised and appreciated by the AG Executive Board. The addition of Hiways Law Firm to the AG network is truly a stepping stone to opening the Chinese Business gateway for AG's other members as well.

This one-day event was filled with thought-provoking content, expert opinions, member discussions and a whole lot of fun.

The next AG America Regional Members Meeting is expected to be held in July 2018 in Los Angeles. More will be announced soon.


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