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Business updates

The Portugal office is expanding, with a branch opened branch in Óbidos where we will have new facilities starting from September. The business in 2016 has grown 23%, and even in the phase when there was a lack of jobs because Angola left undone due to defaults in currency and payments to Portugal.

Market observations

The market is domestic but with a stiff global competition. The international organizations can get through their integration in a chain of transitional value, which may take the form of a network based on inter-company agreements at the national and international levels. Companies are not self-sufficient in resources and services they have to offer their clients. Internationalization is an effective way which uses multiple operating businesses associated with commitment (growing) partners with their served markets.

The inherent uncertainty with globalization is an opportunity for companies which are "incoming" (start-ups and spin off) in the market where the size is no longer competitive requirement, since the flexibility and adaptability supported by knowledge (improvement and creation of products which are needed in the dynamic market trends) are a crucial source of competitiveness.

Stories around business development events etc.

In February 2016, we have supported, the Trade Mission of Brazil to the Chocolate Festival, together with the Municipality of Obidos and the Obidos Technology Park and had the Chocolate Factory Project development which started in the zone.
















Any other stories from your city/country

Portugal is fashionable and is one of the most sought after country for Tourism and entrepreneurship.The Prime Minister of Portugal is taking regular steps to transform the Country to “An Entrepreneur’s Country”. Many businesses which are originated nationally or internationally, have to necessarily create a model of the same sustainability practices, because more than 80% businesses fall before the maturity stage.
















 Office’s/partner’s achievements of the month

It is our great pleasure and pride to host the “ADAM Global Annual Partners’ Meeting”.

On July 18, 2016 we are completing three years of existence and we have registered the limited company, with new image and design and with a registered capital of € 50,000.00

A new and unique offering of your office i.e. changes of laws in your jurisdiction, etc.

To encourage new foreign EU investors, Portugal has at this time a tax regime for foreign EU to establish their normal residence in Portugal (minimum live 7 days a year) a tax exemption for 10 years period.

It also has the Golden Visa for all foreigner investors who buy property worth half a million euros, or who form a company with at least 10 employees, will have the right to be resident in Portugal with Portuguese passport for him/her and family and after 5/10 years the right to Portuguese Nationality.

Resource Column:

The country’s consumption was fully covered for 107 continuous hours with hydro-power plants, wind turbines, solar panels, biofuels and geothermal heat. No fossil fuels were involved.

“This is a significant achievement for a European country. (Article sourced from below link)

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