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Dear Partners, Thank you

Dear Partners,


I just came back to Italy after a few more days in the very beautiful Portugal, and I wish to thank you all, starting from our outstanding founder and leader and from our very dedicated and extremely kind host Ana (and obviously including all participants and colleagues who, unfortunately, could not attend the Annual Meeting), for such a great and highly motivating experience.

It was a great pleasure, professionally and personally, to have the opportunity to meet and interact (unfortunately, it’s never enough) with all of you, to better understand the value of individual and collective expertise and to figure-out how we can further create value for the group.

Thanks to the amazing ability of Dr. Tahir Akhtar and the combined effort of partners; ADAM Global is getting increasing visibility and reputation; it’s up to us, individually and collectively, to consolidate these great results and constantly fine-tune our operations and increase the overall value of them.

I suggest that all presentations made during the Annual Meeting are made available, and also that key decisions and newly-defined roles and organizational issues are promptly officially summarized, so that also those Partners not having been able to attend the meeting are fully aligned.


Whilst everybody is coming back to his/her own professional routine, we should “anchor” to the enthusiastic atmosphere of the Meeting and cultivate the motivation we got to succeed, together.


In the next few days I will write to you with reference to the sectors of energy, sustainability and environment - my main professional focus - to start brainstorming about the overall potential to be jointly exploited and start defining our specific strategy and structuring our activities.


While the IT platform seems to me a vital component, and I thank again our colleagues who implemented it, I suppose that for a while there will be some “overlapping” between it and e-mail; I suggest to avoid using Whatsapp as a channel to discuss about potential deals since I personally think that it’s not the most professional and effective way of doing it (while, of course, it’s a nice way to socialize).


Thank you very much, once again, and my best wishes to you all and your dear ones


With Kind Regards,


Paolo Pagella

Regional Vice President Western Europe

Mobile : +39 340 3766559


Skype: paolo.pagella



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