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Delphi Economic Forum, March 2017

It was an honor and privilege for our country to foster the 2nd annual conference of the Delphi Economic Forum for 4 days (02/03 -04/03) of informed discussion and stimulating debate on domestic and global issues.

Delphi Economic Forum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization in close cooperation with civil society, public organizations, businesses and individuals. It connects government and business leaders from around the world with leading voices from academia, media, and civil society in an effort to identify and deliberate key challenges and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies for Greece, Europe, and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. The sessions of the conference took place amidst the sacred sanctuary of Delphi in order to incite progressive thinking and meaningful discussion from both members and delegates.

The President of the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Prokopios Pavlopoulos declared the Forum Open and then, lot of interesting sessions took place such as: “BREXIT: The impact on the UK and the EU“, “Tourism Development Prospects: A vision for the years to come”, “Energy Security Challenges in the Region”, “MIGRATION: Facing the Crisis and Managing the EU Response”, “The Future of Banking in Europe“, “Cultural Heritage as Economic Value“ and so on.  During these sessions, important representatives of countries and institutions, such as the US Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Geoffrey Pyatt, the President of Euro-Working Group in Brussels, Mr. Thomas Wieser, the CEO of Public Gas Corporation- DEPA and Chairman of the BOD, IGI Poseidon S.A., Mr. Theodoros Kitsakos, the Representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Mr. Philippe Leclerc and many others had the chance to develop their thoughts about the new realities and trends related to the emerging polarity of global economy and the ensuing reconfiguration of global power trends, while after the end of each conference day the guests had the opportunity to enjoy dinner at Amalia Hotel with the kind support of the Municipality of Delphi.

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