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Discovering opportunities in Mexico with IC&Partners new office in Monterrey

On 25th April 2016 IC&Partners has started a new subsidiary in Monterrey, Mexico, so widening its presence in the Americas and reaching a number of 25 offices in the world. IC&Partners is a consulting company providing internationalization services for companies that operate in global markets, specialized in entry strategies and professional support in legal, tax, administrative and accounting areas.

The wide presence of IC&Partners offices is the effective response to companies that want to enter or develop new markets. Our approach is to be close to customers from Italy – where there is the larger number of our customers – starting from entry strategy consultancy, business planning and legal and tax support, until operational support in accounting, pay roll, administrative matters from the abroad countries where our customers want to do business.

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IC&Partners opened its new subsidiary in Mexico on the basis of the interesting economic opportunities that this country offers, for companies not only based in the USA but also in Europe. USA is the most important commercial partner of Mexico, thanks to the NAFTA agreement that allows the free movement of goods between the two countries. Indeed, Italy is an important economic partner for Mexico for intermediate goods and consumer goods as well.

Italy is today the ninth commercial partner for Mexico on a worldwide basis, and the second among European countries, just one position after Germany, but before Spain, France and Great Britain. The most appreciated sectors of Italian industry are the mechanical, plastic and metallurgic productions and fashion, textiles, shoes and jewelry among the consumer goods.

There is a long term relation between Mexico and the European Union that started on the first of October 2000 known as Free trade agreement between European Union and Mexico.

The agreement enhances a free trade zone that enables goods exchange, cooperation in businesses, cooperation about intellectual property questions, services exchange, investments and rights on intellectual properties. Of course this enables the business exchange and the respect of rights and agreements among countries.

There is an Italian and local team in IC&Partners office that welcomes customers to help them find and evaluate business opportunities in Mexico, define  the business plan and support with professional consultancy in accounting, reporting, legal and tax areas. IC&Partners aim is to be the sole partners to companies that want to grow on the Mexican and USA markets.


Written By :  Monica Cargnelutti, For ADAM Global's Banja Luka  office

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