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Mauritius Offices scores yet another one

“Capital Horizons is an international company with representatives in 5 major cities and partners in 35 jurisdictions. The Company has won the prestigious “Corporate Finance Adviser of the Year - Mauritius” by the Acquisition International in 2014, a well-known UK publication. It has also won the “Best Financial Service Boutique – Mauritius” by the African Corporate Excellence Awards 2015. The Company has cemented its reputation as one of the leading firms in the Financial Services Industry in Mauritius.

offshorewinnerThe Company focuses mainly on combing fiscal optimization through the creation of offshore structure while maximizing on what the Mauritius jurisdiction has to offer, namely debt restructuring through the international banks that are present in Mauritius.

This has allowed a number of clients to decrease their cost of debt, using interest rate swaps. Moreover, cross-border financing has allowed our clients, to generate an offshore war chest which can use for international investments while choosing in which jurisdiction they wanted to keep their assets tied.

africanawradThe Company now manages over a 100 structures (Mauritian GBL1 and GBL2 Companies, Mauritian Domestic Companies, Seychelles IBCs, Foundations and Mauritian Trusts). Of note, CHL has UHNIs, multinationals and listed companies amongst our esteemed client portfolio.

Capital Horizons constantly invests in its infrastructure through a secure cloud-based ERP system on which our clients can monitor all their transactions, accounting, NAVs and request. Furthermore, our R&D team is constantly developing new models using our Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements (DTAAs) and are a specialist in IP and Royalty models.”

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Shaan Kundomal

Partner - Ebene