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Infrastructure Projects in Afrcica

In October this year there was an INDIA-AFRICA Summit organized in India. The summit was a great success and attracted senior ministers from major African countries. During the summit India has announced a $10 billion line of credit and a $600 million grant for Infrastructural developments in Africa.

In order to land any project in a specific African Country usually the proposed government writes in to Ministry of External Affairs ( MEA, GOI) which is assigned the responsibility of request evaluations and is then pass in to the respective Ministry/ government body for further processing.



Therefore if any of our partners based in Africa can coordinate with their respective government to request for TECHNOLOGY in ANY sector or industry – these will come to National Research Development Centre (NRDC). The NRDC then allocates the finance of the proposed project.

We at Marketing Insights Consultants have setup the entire process from the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) to NRDC and have the capacity to handle all sorts of requests that come in. With our connections and platform, we can guide and stand a very good chance in assisting entities in Africa bagging those projects.

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