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WTO and Afghanistan


In the April 2016, Masnad Legal Consultancy is recognized as Exclusive Tax Law Firm in Afghanistan by one of the world's largest exclusive network of advisers – International Referral Global.


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Afghanistan’s WTO (World Trade Organization) Membership, a Substantial Step towards Investor Security

Afghanistan obtained WTO membership in the organization’s 10th meeting.

Afghanistan was officially and unanimously recognized as a new WTO member at the organization’s meeting in Nairobi, Kenya.  The Members called Afghanistan’s membership a historical event that will substantially influence investment and economy of the country.

In the last 14 years after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan economy had a steady growth of 10 percent annually, one of the highest in the world.

Afghanistan now a WTO member seeks drastic legal reforms to create a trade and investment platform with international standards, and thereby once again rise as a crossroads for international trade and investment.

Naturally, investors seek to find a secured and assured place for their investments, such a security and assurance is predicated upon the totality of a country’s legal, political, and social conditions that ultimately determines trust and investment.

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Khalid Massoudi

Attorney at law and partner of Masnad Legal Consultancy - a Law Firm incorporated and provides legal services in Afghanistan, he is practicing law since 2011, and have expertise in Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law and Tax Law of Afghanistan, he represents and provides legal advice to international corporations, entities and individuals within jurisdiction of Afghanistan."