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Members from Florida & Malta grow Adam’s Network



Growing the network for Adam Global has always been at the forefront for us. This is so because being one of the largest and most interactive Business Referral Platform we tend to create and promote global business connectivity, explore and introduce business opportunities to and for our clients. In short we facilitate global B2C through global B2B.

Therefore, we are pleased to introduce our two newly joined member firms-

“US Trust Advisory Services LLC from Florida and the NM Group from Muscat.”


About the US Trust Advisory Services Florida

US Trust Advisory Services LLC delivers legal and tax advice for US Trusts, US Hybrid Trusts, US corporations and US LLCs. We will also deliver “customized” trust deeds for US Trusts and US Hybrid Trusts.

Offshore Consulting Services Ltd (OCSL) is the parent company of UTAS LLC and provides wealth planning advice for all non-US international structures. OCSL can also deliver investment advice through partners and OCSL also has an affiliations with an UAE legal services firm and two Australian law firms.

The firm is managed by two highly intellectual and experienced experts named Robert Payne and Ed Rodgers. To read the full biography please click below:

Ed Rodgers biography

Robert Payne biography



NM Group is a fully-fledged professional services firm, providing clients with a one-stop-shop for all their business needs. With specialized teams working on specific business units

In the areas of finance, corporate, tax, legal, and gaming, NM Group aims to deliver effective corporate services that cover all bases, be it for a start-up or an established business.

When NM Group was originally established as Noel Muscat & Co in 1991, founders Noel and Silvana Muscat took a leap of faith and started their own business from scratch. Through Noel and Silvana’s hard work and sheer determination, the venture took off and slowly but steadily developed into an accountancy firm offering a wide range of accounting services.

Currently the reigns of the business are carried strongly by an extremely proactive business expert- Beppe Muscat. You can read the full biography below;


Benefits to new members;

In the current competitive climate, firms need to find new ways to leverage their existing services and intellectual capacities. An international platform such as ADAM Global provides just the right opportunity to meet such challenges. Our business approach brings together a full range of portfolio expanding services to help improve your profitability.

Members get an opportunity to learn from those who see things differently through their own cultures, marketplaces and business practices. It gives them the leverage to overcome client perceptions that they are not equipped to handle complicated client engagements or cases that extend beyond international borders. Rather than losing their growing clients to the bigger firms, members are able to stay competitive and even win new clients that ordinarily may have gone to a larger firm. Some of the benefits that our members can enjoy is listed below


  • Full Access to ADAM Deals through ADAM Interact®
  • Full access to all ADAM Meetings worldwide including Regional Member Meetings and Annual Member Meetings
  • Full access of ADAM Branding including the use of email ID, logo, stationery, website, etc.
  • Full Access to all ADAM Offices globally and member representation to 130 offices over the registered member firm’s website
  • Full one page on ADAM newsletter as introduction of the Registered Member Firm’s business and services it offers, and further two articles in the following months.
  • Registered Member Firms will get complimentary invites to the Network’s strategic partner companies like “CEO Clubs World Wide”, among others, to attend investment roundtables and conferences
  • Registered Member Firms will have a unique Registration Number to identify them as full privileges member
  • Registered Member Firms are eligible to be:
  • Appointed as Practice Heads
  • Appointed as Regional Vice President
  • Appointed as Continent President
  • Appointed on Advisory Board
  • Appointed on Membership Committee
  • Appointed on ADAM Global Board of Directors
  • Registered Member Firms will have voting rights in General Assembly

As welcoming gesture, we anticipate our existing member firm to;

  • Make our new member feel welcome by offering introductions to all members.
  • Provide the member with information on various opportunities using our Interact portal.
  • See that the involvement of the member is immediate by business referrals so that they become active members.”

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