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New Registered Member- Cairo, Egypt


Rashed International Office Legal Consultants, Advocates, and International Arbitration, Cairo

With immense pleasure,we are announcing new registered member firm from Cairo Egypt, who got their partners’ induction done in Dubai. We are introducing the economic overview and the firm in below article.

Economic Overview - Business Opportunities

Egypt has a conducive climate for establishing many investment projects due to its geographically strategic location in addition to its offering of cost effective and relatively qualified labor force.

Recently, Egypt has developed many sectors for investment such as; maritime, river and land transportation; housing and urbanization; petrochemicals; tourism and industrial sectors. Further, Egypt has released many resolutions and incentives for investment in the Suez Gulf Special Economic Zone ("Suez Gulf") in order to participate in enhancing such zone; decreasing of the applied taxes therein, and decreasing the rate of import and export customs. In addition, Egypt now is seeking for activating the real estate sector, through enforcing the mortgage finance law which aims to; creating demand for real estate sector; concentrating on the real estate specialization concept; stimulating the Egyptian economy through increased liquidity, credit support, encouragement of real estate related jobs and competition. Finally Egypt, due to the economic difficulties, exerts its best endeavor to increase the industrial productions growth rate also increase the industrial exports and focus on promising industries such as Engineering, Chemical, Textiles and Food processing. Egypt's new regulations and policies:-

Egypt will issue new resolution and decrees at the beginning of next year attracting foreign investment further, will amend the Investment Law, Tax Law and Companies Law to be more flexible for investors, such amendments generally aim at attracting new investments to Egypt through increasing the chances in restoring confidence in Egypt’s investment climate, offering further incentives and guarantees, removing obstacles, streamlining the procedure taking into consideration the existing impediments to foreign and domestic investment.


Services offers:- Legal department:

The members of the office have experience in the following fields:

  • The cases of the contracting companies, commercial, industrial, real estate, insurance, securities, banks, tourism, energy, investment, intellectual property, arbitration, civil, legal consultancy, properties and properties’ rights, the cases of the export and import companies against their clients and customs authority. In addition, all procedures of the establishment of new companies are the forte.
  • Preparing and formulating all kinds of contracts, deeds, undertakings, securities, powers of attorney and other documents that our clients request in various matters and aspects immediately upon request, with the view to include a future perspective for such contractual relation.
  • Alternative solutions for disputes (as we are specialized in settlement of disputes/ work and effectively act as neutral mediators in solving and settlement of disputes arising between the parties)
Our office excels in representing all clients and customers in various types of cases, before all degrees of courts, particularly when our office is licensed to practice the lawyers’ profession before the courts of the first instance, courts of appeal, courts of cassation and the state security court.

Financial department:

Accounting, Auditing, Taxes, Feasibility Study, Evaluating companies.

Office map:,31.221334

Web page:

About the Founding Partner and Owner:

Mr. Mahmoud Abdul Rahman Rashed Advocate at Cassation, constitutional and supreme administrative court.

In 1993 he established his office (Rashed International Office Legal Consultants, Advocates, and International Arbitration) in the Arab Republic of Egypt with highly experienced members in the field of advocacy and legal consultancy. Also, he is the General Manager of Majid Al Sheikh Lawyers and Legal Consultants Office with its both branches in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

He has more than 28 years of experience in the legal field in Egypt and more than 13 years of experience the United Arab Emirates in all legal fields. In addition, he is registered in the roll of arbitrators at Abu Dhabi Commercial Conciliation and Arbitration Center at Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and industry and registered arbitrator with the Islamic International Conciliation and Arbitration Center in Dubai.

About the Author:

Ms. Eman Gabr holds a Bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration and works as an Executive secretary at Rashed International Office Legal Consultants, Advocates, and International Arbitration since September 2015.




Ms. Aalaa Al-Dakrory is Arbitrator and corporate lawyer. She Holds a Master degree in international law and obtained the legal translation diploma at AUC.





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