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Portugal campaign November 2016

portugalThe campaign 'This is Portugal' was launched in November by the Secretary of State for Industry, João Vasconcelos, and aims to convey the message that Portugal will not only be the new Silicon Valley or Berlin, as some press have pointed out, but be something much more.

'This is Portugal' aims to show the thousands of foreigners who will be in Lisbon for the Web Summit, will display Portugal as an increasingly attractive country and location for technology companies, entrepreneurs and investors.

To support this idea, the images that are already in the streets indicate that Portugal has a broadband infrastructure throughout the country and that it grants tax incentives to investors who bet on startups 'early stage investors.' Furthermore, there are more than 80 certified startups and € 400 million available for co-investment with business angels and venture capital.

In the statement that presents the campaign it states that "in recent weeks, international attention began to be focused on Portugal as the new home of Web Summit, with several international publications making comparisons with technological ecosystems such as Berlin and San Francisco. The goal of this campaign is to highlight the reasons why Portugal is a new location for technology companies and startups are located. "

João Vasconcelos adds that, as other cities have their own identity, also Portugal "has a unique identity, cultural openness and global ambition 'and that this campaign is designed to express the same, taking the audience of the Web Summit.


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