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PPI includes new projects; Congonhas airport and the Mint are on the list


Investment Partnership Programme



In total, 57 ventures will be passed onto the private initiative by the government. US$ 15 billion is expected to be generated

With the goal of encouraging an upturn in economic growth, this Wednesday (23), the federal government announced that 57 new projects will be included in the Investment Partnership Programme (PPI). These consist of airports, highways, ports, state-owned enterprises and transmission lines, among others. Their capital will be privatised.

The government expects to raise US$ 15 billion from new contracts by updating the PPI projects. "The programme has contributed effectively to the Brazilian economy. It means the creation of new jobs, investment ... a business able to restore sustainable development in the country", said the Chief Minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency, Moreira Franco, at a press conference.

Congonhas airport (in São Paulo) and the Mint are among the new projects. The privatisation of Eletrobras, announced this week, in addition to concession contracts for the Cuiabá (state of Mato Grosso), Recife (state of Pernambuco) and Santos Dumont airports (in Rio de Janeiro) have also been included. Still in the airport sector, a reduction in Infraero's share in Brasilia (Federal District), Galeão (Rio de Janeiro) Confins (state of Minas Gerais) and Guarulhos (São Paulo) is being discussed.


The Brazilian Federal Savings Bank (CAIXA) instant lottery, Lotex, is also in the new privatisation package. The project was being studied by the Finance Ministry and is expected to result in important collection revenues for public coffers.

In addition, the Espírito Santo Docks Company, 11 lots of transmission lines, auctions in the pre-salt area, among other projects were included.

Clearer rules

Coordinated by Moreira Franco, the PPI was designed to improve the country's infrastructure in partnership with the private sector. It provides clearer, more secure and transparent rules with less state intervention.

Since then, from the 89 ventures listed in the programme, 49 have already been through bidding processes or have had contracts signed, 28 are being developed, and 12 deals will be concluded or renewed until the end of the year

(Source:This news has been taken from the Brazil Gov News Website)


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