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U.A.E government has announced a new integrated entry visa system to attract exceptionally qualified, entrepreneurs, talented professionals and brilliant minds to the country to vitalize its various sectors. This is yet another landmark for a country that offers vast opportunities through a tolerant environment to nurture potential and support outstanding talent.

In order to attract various groups with specific qualification and limits, the project will be implemented in various phases and categories. The first phase includes tourism, health and educational visas, while the second phase will include talents acquisition in health, scientific, research, technical and cultural fields. The facilities will be categorized by a smart system divided into Platinum, Green, Yellow and Red, grading them between A+ to E, while the classification mechanism varies according to the sector.

This new system features promotion of goodness and openness to other cultures and nationalities around the globe, while serving as a beacon of prosperity thus promoting global competitive edge. On the other hand, a programme has been designed to allow keeping a track record of legal violations and compliance to entry rules and regulations. Standards for categorization will introduce grant of specific privileges, as defined by the various limits on the entry visas, as well as any violations of rate margins.

The aim is to raise the competitiveness for participating groups, according to professional work regulations, and empower strategic planning by supporting their decision making and providing future forecasts.

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