Data Governance

In the current business environment, chances are you are collecting your customers data in one way or another.

Data governance, in a nutshell, is about making sure that the data is accessible to all who need it while maintaining high levels of security and integrity of the information contained.

Any organisation regardless of it’s size must ensure that different users can access relevant information timeously. Organisational structures dictate that different functional departments would require different information at different times. Given the diversity of users, flexible access to this data will need to be catered for.

This gives rise to the constant “security and compliance vs access and usage” dilemma that many a business faces in handling their data. The more flexible access you create the more challenging security and compliance can become.

While data governance and compliance may seem like a mammoth task for any organisation, the strategy towards achieving it can be broken down to a few simple steps that are easy to implement and will ease the challenge of creating access to information while remaining compliant with ever changing rules governing data.

Data Governance Simplified (Infographic)

We recently held a webinar on the issue of data governance. If you missed it, you can view it and download it here


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