The ratification of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technologies has never been more essential. Due to the pandemic coronavirus outbreak, many organizations need to find an alternative to get their business going. The world is now at the agreement that, Artificial intelligence acts as a wizard at identifying patterns from big data, and this blog will illustrate how it can be your trump card in handling this crisis.

ADAM Global in association with Stratagem Partners has developed ‘COVID-19 Response and Recovery Services’ so as to help businesses develop resilience. Some of the key components include as follows:

1.Executive & Board Briefings –Powered by BCMstrategy, Inc

  • Alerts organizations of critical information issued by trusted sources which will likely have a profound impact on viability and performance
  • Improves organizational situational awareness and respond to rapidly shifting policy
  • Helps improve the quality and timing of decision making, communications and crisis planning and response
  • Saves valuable time and resource by eliminating misinformation


  • Information Types: Public policy (regulatory, ministerial, international organization) developments and related media coverage
  • Capture Method: API and automated web scraping
  • Processingnatural language processing, 9+ layers of patented, proprietary analytical automation
  • Output: Daily aggregate momentum measurement and analysis of issue-specific activity globally

2. Business Risk Mitigation –Powered by SoluxR 

  • Helps organizations comprehensively analyze and respond to the impacts and risks of COVID 19 across all dimensions
  • Facilitates creation of scenarios as the crisis unfolds and dynamically maintain impact assessments, strategic and tactical responses
  • Facilitates effective collaboration between dispersed personnel across all functions and locations
  • Improves the quality of decision making and planning


3. Dynamic Crisis Response & Coordination –Powered by Groupdolists

  • Improves command and control of COVID-19 crisis response including centralized, local and integrated deployment
  • Improves response effectiveness and reaction from the front line through to command centre
  • Reduces response workflow downtime and inefficiencies
  • Enables real-time feedback of status and developments as they unfold
  • Full audit trail of activities


  • Information Types: Feedback from crisis management and response teams
  • Capture Method: Multiple formats
  • Processing: Automates crisis response management, workflow and execution. Includes communications and data sharing and audit trail. Voice communications also converted to text. Full audit trail of crisis response activity and supporting data. Device agnostic
  • Output: Dashboards, status reports & audit trails

4. Employee Sentiment & Risk Insights –Powered by Truthsayers

  • Understand employees’ true feelings and their implications as the crisis unfolds
  • Unbiased feedback on how your organization is managing the crisis
  • Early alerts to critical issues
  • Improved employee and stakeholder communications. Better understand change readiness, ability and resistance
  • Helps improve morale and empathy with employees
  • Helps better address the duty of care to employees and their health & safety


How can I integrate these AI Platforms into my business?

Adam Global in association with Stratagem Partners has launched ‘Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan’ for small to large organizations to seamlessly integrate all business operations amidst global COVID-19 outbreak. Our strategies are powered by BCMstrategy, Inc, Groupdolists, Truthsayers, SoluxR and many more Artificial Intelligence tech platforms.

Attend our Free Webinar on Tuesday 7th April 2020 ‘COVID-19 Business Tech Solutions: LIVE Demo‘ where all the above Tech platforms shall participate through a LIVE tech demo session. REGISTER NOW:

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