Would you like to have your firm featured on prime-time national television? How many new clients is this going to bring? How do you measure the benefit to your reputation? Can you afford to pay for it? How much is it really worth?

Some answers to these questions are pretty straight forward; others are less obvious to most. Anyone would like to get some extra media exposure as it drives recognition. Reputation and ultimately, sales. But past are the times when television, radio and press, all the traditional media, ruled the advertising world. Just about a decade ago, media agencies were gasping in disbelief watching how the established channels’ share in ads was melting down in favour of the brave new world of online media. Today no one is surprised when a higher proportion of ad money is going online.

As we go through the COVID-19 debacle, many may have revised their ad spending saving cash in the face of uncertainty, hoping to weather the crisis on the lower gear. While conventional wisdom will probably support the approach, a contrarian position should not be ignored. In reality, we all are struggling to get more of the fewer customers, and competition is now as acute as can be. Who wins under the circumstances? Is it precisely the time when your message should be reaching your client loud and clear? In the proverbial quote from Henry Ford, “Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your clock to save time”.

But hold on readers, we are not suggesting you pour on marketing yet…

Is Cost per Click costing you a BOMB!?

What Adam is offering its members under the circumstances is nothing short of unprecedented. Whereas we are all familiar with the benefits of being in a network, there is one gold mine which is not being mined – at a time when it offers a critical member service which may be nothing short of a lifeline. Adam is offering tremendous opportunity to dramatically increase your media presence and advertising online – for no additional cost!

As business people, we are more convinced by numbers rather than adjectives. So here are some recent numbers, sourced from the past July 17, 2020, Google Ads Benchmarks release, and a couple of metrics for those who still may be more comfortable thinking in terms of GRPs.

So, how does one measure online campaigns and how much people pay for reaching their target audience today? While there is an elaborate system to get these data, it is enough to focus on just three metrics to make the point.

The Average Cost per Click (ACC) is one of the broader ones showing how much it takes to get a potential customer explicitly interested in your business. Hold your breath – for consumer services, the average ACC is $6.40, for legal services it is $6.75. This means that once you get about 100 clicks coming through all the media where Adam gives you exposure, you have got back your annual membership, the rest comes on top.

Two more figures to dig a bit deeper. The next benchmark is the CPA or Cost per Action. In consumer services, it now stands at $90.70, while in the B2B sector it reached $116.13. This needs to be evaluated against the third metric, which is the CVR, or Average Conversion Rate. For consumer services, the conversion is 6.64% while in legal it is a bit higher at 6.98%.

Content is ‘The Lord of the Rings’

Clearly, this is not a cheap game to play. Nor this is money to be left on the table! Here is what Adam can do for you to cover your membership expenses many times over and cover your marketing expenses.

Your marketing is on the house. Yes! You read it right.

1. Blogs/ Article writing

Creating fine content requires a substantial investment, both, in capital as well as in time to find talented minds to develop content. Fortunately, Adam provides blogging/article writing & publishing services without additional charges. The articles posted by Adam provide backlinks to your website or post on your website to achieve an up-scaled organic ranking on Google for your firm. Adam’s blogs have gained over 48,000 readers and attracted news channels’ attention. Each article published on ADAM LinkedIn entices hundreds of clicks, boosting the reach of your followers.

So, statistically speaking, how much would it cost to hire a good content writer?

According to upwork, content writers go as high as $80/hour, with most of them falling in the $30-$50/hour range. Writers depending on their experience level, can charge from 10 cents to $1/word. For a well-researched article, it can cost around $75 – 100$, as told by sproutsocial. Just imagine, a brief article of 500 words can cost you more than a hundred bucks! If you analyze, the blogging services of Adam not only saves you hundreds of dollars but also saves the time required to find credible content writers in the market. Now, this is definitely food for thought!

2. Videos/ Teasers/ Promo

Adam’s members also enjoy the privilege of custom-designed videos on our YouTube channel. The videos created by our team attract hundreds of views, thereby promoting our members’ networks on a vast scale. Looking at the stats, hiring a video editor on an average takes $35 to $100/hour. Generally, remote video editing services in Europe cost from $25 to 40/hour. Just for starting a Youtube channel and uploading a few videos, can cost from $249 to $500.  If we think about it, a short video of just 5 minutes of duration, can end up costing more than $100! This is where you can benefit as an ADAM Member, contact our AG marketing team & we work on getting you featured online.

3. Cast a Podcast

A prime cost-free platform to discuss the latest trends, developments and economy is the Adam Podcast Studio. Adam features its members as star speakers, streaming on top podcast platforms such as Spotify, Google Podcasts, Radio Public and Breaker.

Podcast production involves many elements such as equipment, hosting, music, recording and editing. As per the data provided by live365, podcast necessities like computer, recording software, mic, headphones have a bare minimum cost of around $300. Altogether, on average, you spend $200-500$. Why drain your pockets when Adam can save you from hectic production & editing process?

4. Designers & Designs

The creatives of a company redirect the way people engage with your brand & services. A Freelance graphic designer on an average cost $45/hour, with the maestro charging up to $150/hour. An in-house graphic designer generally takes around $48,651 per year. If you opt for a design agency, it can be $85 to 100$ per hour, according to Freelancer. Just analyze, for 5 designs, if you choose a freelancer or a design agency, it can cost you around 400$….Darn!

We would never want our members to pay the price. For every design Adam develops for you, you are potentially saving an estimated $50 to $100.

Higher the marketing expenditure = Greater results is a myth. As a businessman, we hold traits to drive a cost-effective model but at the same time, who doesn’t want exposure? At Adam, we encourage our members to proudly utilize marketing services that comes at no additional cost. Increase your online presence organically, and you can be the next industry leader featured across the globe.

Click to know more about member marketing programs. Contact our AG marketing team & let’s get started with your firm’s marketing: Mail us at: marketing@adamglobal.com or call: +971 (0) 4 3306418


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