If you think Lawyers were less tech-savvy, you may be wrong…

Recent Survey states  that lawyers “regularly” use electronic devices like laptop, smartphone, or tablet device for law-related tasks in a variety of different locations: the courtroom (16.5%), airport (22.5%), hotel (29%), and in transit (e.g., car, train, or airplane) (28%).

Well, It proves that you can be as mobile as you want to be to provide services on the go. Welcome to the world of Virtual Law firms. By using technological means of communication, a lawyer or a legal service provider can offer services to his/her clients through satellite offices or by simply operating from home from any part of the world.

Break free to experience the digital era. If 95% of various industries & sectors have digitalised, Why not Law firms?….

If you are already a well-established brand in Legal services, it is the right time for you to digitise & gain more visibility to reach out to more clients. If not, you can still showcase your skills by being a Virtual Law firm.

Follow these simple steps to get on to the digital space for your own law firm…..

  1. Website – your new address
  2. Legal Office Management Software
  3. Office set-up & Communication tool
  4. Get Social & Start Networking
  5. Hire a Virtual Assistant
  6. Virtual private Network- Confidentiality is key

Let’s find out more and see how we can work it out…

1. Website – your new Address

Your client’s journey to reach your doorstep has shortened. From here on, your website is going to be the prime point of contact and a gateway to reach your firm. There are ample ways to buy a domain at affordable prices. However, it is also essential to have a professional & pragmatic address name which can simpler your clients search and enrich SEO for your website’s visibility.

Well, there are other factors to consider while you are digitising your services. Make sure to checklist the following points while designing your virtual law firm website:

  • Let your website be seamlessly integrated & user-friendly. 
  • Your service details should leave no confusion, yet generate enough interest to know more.
  • Keep it crystal clear about the membership or benefits they can avail
  • Do mention accurate contact details & have a lead box so that they drop their details.

2. Legal Office Management Software

Transition to a cloud-based practice management system will reduce your administrative time and expenses. It gets perfectly compatible with your virtual office by allowing you to access important files and record time and expenses from any part of the globe.

The main elements for the software should include the following:

  • Case management database;
  • Client portal;
  • Contact management;
  • Calendaring and docketing;
  • Time and billing tracking;
  • Accounting and billing; and
  • Word processing/document management.

3. Office Set-up & Communication tools

With unlimited access to technology & some basic equipment, you can set up your office wherever you go. Some suggested items include an all in one printer – these combine a fax machine, a printer, a copier, and a scanner. A mobile/tablet for times when you need documents or information.

Fortunately, technology is relatively inexpensive — machines and programs can be leased or purchased second-hand for further cost savings.

Legal Digital Library: Most lawyers stock up plentiful physical records & books for latest State Supplements, case law and CLE materials. However, you can also choose to rely upon online databases and services to research procedural and substantive legal information. ADAM GLOBAL has one such reliable e-library for virtual law firms which provides access to information & continuous learning.

E-meeting rooms: Your home office space/cubicle may not be enough to have a one on one chat with your clients. In legal services, most clients prefer meetings & discussions. ADAM GLOBAL provides premium members with their personal digital office where meetings can be virtually conducted with the client anytime and anywhere in a highly secure and encrypted online environment. Members are also offered assistance to host webinars without having to go through any hassle.

4. Get Social & Start Networking

A website isn’t enough to get you business. Your firm’s Social media presence is equally important. Raise a Facebook page & get on to LinkedIn to promote your practice and educate your audience about pertinent legal issues. Engage in discussion forums & post a link of your website on blogs. “Like” reputable businesses you’d like to be affiliated with. Associate with reputed networking platforms, find lawyers and other professionals and light up a conversation.

5. Hire a Virtual Assistant

You are not alone; Virtual Assistants can help you manage all your administrative works so that you can focus more on your clients & prioritise work.  The Internet can provide you with virtual receptionists, paralegals and legal secretaries. However, you’ll need to make sure to supervise any work done by non-attorneys to ensure the proper exercise of your professional obligations.

6. Virtual Private Network- Confidentiality is key

Your prime duty as a Legal firm is to protect attorney/client privilege and your client’s data. Cloud-based legal office storage gives provision to a virtual law firm to upload & store important files. State bar associations have developed ethical rules requiring attorneys to protect client information from the data breach. Hence, it is crucial to have a secure internet connection and a virtual private network (VPN) which will suffice the need to maintain confidential information.

The virtual Law firm is said to be the future of the legal practice. It has enabled several individual legal service providers to establish themselves & provide cost-effective means of streamlining services with limited investment.

Bonus Tip

Adapt to a Single Platform Solution

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With the rise in digitization and emerging technologies, a platform like ADAM Global has come in as a solution for global professional service providers. Besides offering a network of accredited professionals, it offers premium members a platform for enhanced cross border business while enabling them to overcome being digitally disrupted with its online platform and communication tools. The platform integrates these trends not just for legal services firms but for a broad spectrum of businesses in the professional services industry including accounting, consulting, advisory, immigration, market research, healthcare, HR, IT solutions. This allows firms from across disciplines to work together and offer their own clients a wide range of service offering through a multi-disciplinary approach delivered only by accredited service providers. Members enjoy an advanced tier-3 Network, an online B2B marketplace and a community of accredited professional service providers via a singular platform.

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