The Gulf Cooperation Council-GCC

  The Gulf Cooperation Council Patent Office (GCC Patent Office) As we know Patent is a set of exclusive rights granted by a state to an inventor or their assignee for a limited period...

Turkish Law : Notification adress obligation for joint stock companies and limited liability companies

As per the Article 7 of the Regulation related to Electronic Notification (in Turkish, “Elektronik Tebligat Yönetmeliği”, hereinafter referred to as “Regulation”), notifications to joint stock companies and limited liability companies...

Setup of Wills & Probate registry in Dubai International Financial Centre, United Arab Emirates

In May 2015, UAE has introduced the first Common Law, English wills and probate service for non-Muslims in the Middle-East. Governed by Sharia Law (Forced Heirship Law), many expatriates in UAE...


Blockchain: Moving towards the future

Legal services paid for with Bitcoins? Thompson & Stein adds BitBay Pay as a payment option

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